5 Delicious Reasons to Buy a Plancha Grill for Your Next Barbeque

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The best way to enjoy your barbeque experience is by having the right grill. Barbeque grills need to be durable and flexible to enable you to cook in various ways, such as grilling vegetables, meats, fish, and more. One of the best ways to get the most out of your barbeque experience without compromising quality or taste is to invest in a plancha grill. This blog will discuss why the plancha grill will enhance your barbeque experience, so read on to find out more.

1.    A Healthier Way To Cook; Uses Minimal Oil

When you’re grilling meats, your goal is to create caramelized and delicious layers of flavor. One way to do that is by using minimal oil to prevent burnt or oily food. If you’re using a commercial plancha grill, you’ll be able to cook your food without being forced to use excessive amounts of oil, butter, or grease.

With traditional barbeques, you have no choice but to apply copious amounts of fat before cooking your food. Cooking using excess oils can lead to unhealthy cholesterol levels in your diet, not to mention it can make your meat taste unappetizingly greasy. Using a plancha grill will allow you to enjoy all the flavors you love about barbeque while reducing your intake of unhealthy fats and oils.

2.    Provides A More Smoky Flavor

The charred wood-like flavor of grilling on a plancha can be more intense than other barbecue methods. Like grilled meat and vegetables, that smoky flavor is why planchas are particularly popular in South America and Spain. Consider purchasing a plancha grill to add a bit of that smoked natural taste to your next BBQ spot.

3.    Uses Even Heat Distribution Method

Many choose to buy planchas because they cook food using an even heat distribution method. When grilling, uneven heat can make some parts of your meal too hot and others not hot enough, which results in either undercooked or overcooked food. You can avoid uneven cooking with a plancha grill. There’s no chance of burning any part of your meal or undercooking it with their even heat cooking method.

Plancha grill uses a powerful heating element that provides homogenous temperature throughout. Also, since you don’t have to move food around on a plancha grill, you won’t need to worry about multi-tasking and accidentally dropping something on your grill. If you want to get dinner ready as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality, a plancha grill is.

4.    Seals Foods In Their Natural Juices and Flavors

The plancha grill also seals your food’s natural juices and flavors, ensuring you get more out of every bite. Whether gas or electric, cooking on the plancha grill allows food to cook inside and out, whereas other grilling methods result in overcooked outside bites with undercooked interiors. Plus, when you cook meats in their natural juices rather than marinades, they are less likely to dry out during cooking.

When cooking foods using a plancha grill, it seals in their natural juices and flavors, leaving the food more flavorful and moist. If you have never tried it before, then it is time that you do! You will love how tender and juicy your food becomes once you cook it on a plancha grill.

5.    Equipped With Safety Thermocouple

A gas plancha grill has an automatic safety thermocouple that stops the griddle in case of a leak or other dangerous situation. It ensures that you and your guests are safe when using your plancha grill. This feature is essential if you have children around, as they may be curious about fire. Children should never be near open flames without supervision. So, it’s great to know that there is extra protection with a plancha grill!


No matter where you travel, a Plancha Grill from GSG is the perfect companion for your next outdoor party. Whether you’re tailgating before a football game, enjoying the holiday season with family and friends, or hosting a small gathering in your backyard, a Plancha Grill will provide delicious food and skewers that are savory and impressive. From its easy-to-assemble design to its durable construction, a Plancha Grill you can trust in any outdoor environment. To learn more about why our gas grill will make you plan a barbeque, visit.