World of Warcraft Expansions That Are Worth Knowing


When we talk about the expansion of WoW, at least eight have taken place in the past 17 years. Players love some of these, while others are average. Today, we will list out some expansions that were popular in the history of WoW.

Warlords of Draenor

Players became a lot more excited with the arrival of this expansion. However, the craze went down soon because of some of the mistakes. The expansion introduced the Garrisons to provide players with in-house experience. However, instead of giving any advantage, the expansion was quickly avoided by players because there were no open-world elements. All of the components were majorly limited to in-house instead of new zones. Since players couldn’t find anything exciting, they abandoned the expansion.

Battle for Azeroth

Mythic and Raiding are two terms that come to mind while discussing this expansion. However, the flawed system of raiding can’t be left without discussion. The expansion gives the players a huge opportunity to raid, but the raiding is so huge that it becomes boring. Players feel stuck for the Heart of Azeroth, and they soon go out of gear which means more raiding.

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Whatever disasters players faced in the Warlords of Draenor, Legion helped players recover. The Demon Hunter class was a product of this development. However, this one is also not an exception to missteps. The plot seems confusing, and the raids feel like a curse. There were no major changes, and class options were limited too. This aspect of the expansion kept many players interested while many pushed themselves away.


This one is a well-known and recent expansion of World of Warcraft. There were many features that made players go crazy about this expansion. The Torghast and Covenants were one of the exciting elements. However, nothing comes without downsides, and Shadowlands ruined the game experience due to its execution mistakes. Players were forced to grind Torghast and Covenants more than the needed limit.


Mists of Pandaria

When this expansion happened, it became one of the most controversial ones. It excited players maximum because of its mysterious island Pandaria. However, some of its elements put the players off from both Alliance and Horde. They felt the island was a distraction from the main plot and hence many players felt demotivated to explore the island. Even if there were new classes and raids, the expansion couldn’t keep the players continuing with it.


This expansion introduced many gameplay features and also provided a more open world to the players. There were many changes for raiding as well. However, the expansion could not impress the players for a long time. However, Cataclysm was way better than many other expansions, it couldn’t keep the players excited for longer, and hence the subscriber count failed after some time.

The Burning Crusade

This one proved that it is possible to make the players crazy by introducing everything in balance. The expansion brought some classes and raised the level cap. This became an exciting formula for the lovers of MMO that they never wished to exit. The Player versus Player was established and became the central part of WoW, which still it is.

Wrath of the Lich King

This one brought  Death Knights and different locations to add up a new vibe to the overall gameplay. Players could feel the raids more meaningful and adventurous. They felt the storyline to be amazing, and the overall journey was bittersweet. Players loved this version more than any expansion in the history of World of Warcraft.