6 Great Excuses To Use When You Want To Skip A Workout

5 Great Excuses To Skip Your Next Workout
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Experts suggest getting about 60 minutes of exercise per day, equating to about 150 minutes per week. Doing so is good for mood, circulation, digestion, and keep your stomach from looking like a pile of soft serve ice cream. Why wouldn’t you adhere to their suggestions? Maybe you’re lazy, hate exercising, sweating, moving, tearing yourself away from a Making a Murderer binge — there’s not shortage of reasons. But these might be the most solid ones …

Specifically for guys who meander, are distracted easily, or have no idea what they’re doing when they get into the weight room, it’s an easy place to get hurt. In fact, according to a 2010 Federal Consumer Products Safety Commission report, more than 50,000 people are treated in the emergency room annually due to gym-related injuries. Further, in 2012 roughly 459,978 people experienced injuries due to exercise and exercise equipment. Know how many people got hurt ripping joints and dozing on their couch? Probably fewer less than 450K.

And even if you have a good spotter, that’s not enough sometimes. Through an analysis of statistical data, roughly 970,000 individuals experienced emergency room care due to weight training-related injuries.