Video: Earwax Irrigation Is So Gross You’ll Keep Watching

ear wax irrigation

We use Q-tips to rid our ears of earwax, whether they’re recommended by doctors or not. They seem to work for us and we don’t jab our ears like we’re using a fork to jab at loose peas. Some people go a step further — more than 12 million, according to 2012 estimates. Home ear cleaning products rake in more than $60 million. We’ve never considered having it professional done, but after watching this video we’re not sure if we should reconsider or spare the doctor that would do the procedure the years of nightmares after seeing what he’d witness. Here, see for yourself, but be warned, it’s super gross …

Earwax, which is also known as cerumen to people who want to sound smarter than you, protects the ears from dust, water, and other microorganisms. Sometimes your body overdoes it and buildup occurs. Yeah, it’s gross, but the temporary hearing loss is even worse. (Who wouldn’t freak out if their hearing just dumped out temporarily?) Other symptoms include a ringing sound in the ear, earache, or a feeling of fullness in the ear.

Point is, check out that video again and try not to vomit.

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