6 New Ways To Go Broke In Vegas

Las Vegas

There’s no shortage of ways to lose money in Vegas — overpriced restaurants, expensive drinks, Rohypnol-packing wallet-stealing tranny hookers. Oh, and gambling. Lots of gambling.

Even though they already do an amazing job of convincing tourists to blow cash, casinos are constantly coming up with new ways to wager. Some are well worth the money … others are bad bets. These are five of the most recent.

Mobile Sports Betting
The eDeck is an iPhone-sized device that lets fidgety gamblers place wagers from anywhere on the casino floor. The device also offers a real-time option that allows you to bet on specific outcomes while games are in progress. We hope that means we can finally bet on whether Mike Singletary murders Alex Smith before halftime.
Where it is: M Resort, Hard Rock Casino, The Venetian, and The Palazzo (where it’s called Pocket Casino)
Will it get our money?: Sports gambling + mobile device = who do we give our credit card number to?

High-Stakes Limit Hold ‘Em
The swank new poker room at the Aria spreads some of the highest-stakes games in town. Case in point, its new $200/$400 Texas Limit Hold ‘Em, which is the ritziest Limit Hold ‘Em game in Vegas. The game is regularly played in the Ivey Room, a salon named after World Series of Poker Hall of Famer Phil Ivey — so if you find yourself with a $10,000 windfall after settling a frivolous lawsuit, it’s sure to be a good time.
Where it is: Aria Las Vegas
Will it get our money?: Sure, we’re always up for a game of $2/$4 limit … wait, it’s $200/$400? Good lord, no.

Blackjack — But More Complicated!
Why play two blackjack hands when you can play two interchangeable blackjack hands? That’s what Blackjack Switch allows you to do; once the cards are dealt, you’ve got the option to switch the top two cards from each hand. The catch? The house pushes all bets when the dealer gets 22, and blackjacks only pay even money … which, come to think of it, technically means the game isn’t blackjack.
Where it is: Wynn, Encore, Casino Royale
Will it get our money?: Sounds interesting, but we’re not big fans of those modified odds.