5 Romantic Gestures She’ll Hate

Proposing To Her On a JumboTron

There are two scenarios in which proposing on the JumboTron is okay. One, if you’re the first guy to ever do it — but that title has been claimed. Two, if you’re the small forward for the Los Angeles Lakers and she’s the captain of the Laker Girls. If you’re anyone else, it’s just a cheap attention grab. Besides, it’s your engagement. She has probably been envisioning this moment most of her life — do you think she wants mascots and drunk superfans to be a part of it?

Instead, do this: Make sure your proposal technique combines your mutual interests and history as a couple. Do you both love hiking? Then propose while you’re doing one of your favorite hikes together. On your first date, did you talk about how much you’d both always wanted to see Vancouver? Then surprise her with a couple of long-weekend plane tickets and propose there.