5 Romantic Gestures She’ll Hate

Coupon for a back rubGiving Her a Homemade Coupon For a Free Backrub
You may be under the misguided impression that the homemade coupon routine is adorable, but it’s not — it’s an unimpressive move that’s strictly for amateurs. Sure, it may fool some women at first, but eventually they figure out that all you did was scribble something on a piece of paper, hand it to her, and call it a gift. How lazy are you?

Instead, do this: Make something for her — as long as you’re actually good at making it. If you’re a good carpenter and you make her a jewelry box or you’re an amateur painter and you whip up a work of art, you’ll score points like nobody’s business. If you’re not good at making anything other than a mess, leave it to the pros and buy her something.