The Manliest Manly Performances In Football History

raylewisTerrell Owens may get mani/pedis, Eli Manning may still look 12, and punters are … punters. But playing football at the college or pro level requires levels of manliness that most guys can only dream of.

There are certain players, however, who have transcendent moments of manliness, when their manliness outshines the manliness of all the other men on the field — whether it be due to extraordinary effort, the conquering of extraordinary pain, or the infliction of extraordinary fear.

Some of these guys are Hall of Famers or will be someday; others merely had respectable careers. But all of them took manliness to a supermanly level at least once during their playing days. And for that, we honor them in the most manly way we know how: with a story on the Internet.