5 Simple Guest Bedroom Design Ideas You’ll Love

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If you’re seeking bedroom ideas for your guest room and aren’t quite sure where to get started, never fear. Whether you’re entertaining one or multiple guests, the hope is to arrive at bedroom ideas where your guests can feel comfortable and truly welcomed.

If you’re expanding from a foldout couch to an actual room for the very first time, or you’re simply looking for some fresh bedroom ideas you know you can get behind, there are plenty of options when it comes to decorating a great guest bedroom.

From finding the best memory foam mattress for their comfort to investing in a snack counter that caters to every possible taste, here are some of our top picks when it comes to guest bedroom ideas that’ll ensure your visitors have a truly memorable stay:

Use The Most Comfortable Mattress You Can Find

Memory foam mattresses have taken over for their versatile and affordable nature, making them an ideal pick for your guest bedroom. The reason memory foam mattresses are so highly ranked boils down to two factors – comfort, and price.

Molding capabilities present in memory foam mattresses ensure that you’re always supported, no matter what sleep position you choose to lie in. Memory foam mattresses are also a great option for a bed you know will be shared by more than one person, because of motion isolation capabilities that keep sleep undisturbed through the night.

Another reason memory foam mattresses are as popular as they are is due to the price point. The best mattress companies will also allow you to trial their products before you commit to purchasing one, which means if you’re finding you’re uncomfortable with your memory foam mattress, chances are your guest will be too.

The variety of mattress sizes make memory foam mattresses super adaptable. Since there are a ton of options available on the market that range from basic models to hybrid ones, depending on the size of your room and budget, you can definitely find something that works well for you.

Add A Workspace

For guests who stay over longer periods of time, providing the option to work out of the privacy of their own space is important. Keeping a desk and chair in a corner of the room that is away from their bed will keep work and rest separate, not dissimilar to how you’d decorate your own bedroom.

Having a workspace within their room also gives your guests a little more flexibility when it comes to how they want to structure their day, which can be especially important if they’re staying for a longer period of time. It’s important for most people to separate the space they work in with the one they sleep in – even the best memory foam mattress can’t fight off a physiological response, so making sure they have the chance to have great sleep hygiene even when traveling is important.

If you’re not sure you have the space for a whole desk and additional chair, try setting up a reading nook your guests could potentially work out of. All these require are a little extra space by the window of your guest bedroom or even just a little additional seating that is clearly separate from the bed itself. 

Keep Their Favorite Snacks On Standby

If you’re seeking bedroom ideas that are truly out of the box, this next one might be it. Creating a snack stand in your guest bedroom can be a fun and thoughtful way to cover all your bases as a host. It also saves your guests the trouble of having to shuffle through your own pantry if they ever get peckish during the middle of the day.

Depending on who’s visiting, you can also get really creative with your snack packs, and keep them customized to a theme. For instance, if you have someone coming over to visit your city, put together a bunch of local favorites so they get their first flavor of town before even stepping out!

Add a Mirror

If your guest bedroom doesn’t include an attached bathroom, then you’ll want to add a mirror so that they have the option to review how they look without having to step out of the room. Again, one of the main bedroom ideas you should have for any potential guests is to provide them with all the amenities they might require without having to step out of their room.

Any guest is going to appreciate the extra thoughtfulness it takes to provide all the amenities they might need in their room. If you’re unsure about installing a full-length mirror in your room, you can also choose to opt for something smaller to hang up on a wall instead.

Provide Entertainment Options

Finally, as you’re seeking ways to ensure your guest is fully satisfied in their room, keep a good supply of books, magazines, and if you have space, even a TV within reach. When it comes to figuring out bedroom ideas that your guests are going to love, one of the key factors to consider is extra entertainment.

Use shelves and extra space on desks and nightstands to display books, coffee books, or magazines. If you’re a big reader with a lot of books anyways, this is also a great way to store any extra reading your shelves don’t quite have space for. Guest bedroom and storage room, all in one!

From finding the best memory foam mattress to make sure your guest catches up on much-needed sleep if they’re jetlagged, to keeping your snacks fully stocked, there are plenty of ways you can make sure you have all your bases covered when it comes to playing host in your home.

When it comes to hosting guests in your home, the real trick is to ensure you’re providing them with all the amenities and hospitality you would expect to receive yourself – whether that’s the best-rated mattress for sleep, or a reading nook to cozy up in, it’s up to you.

Using your creativity to come up with bedroom ideas that feel genuinely warm and generous is a rewarding thing to see, as well as for your guest to experience. You’ll be known as the host with the most before you know it.