5 Surprising Things About Hunting

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There’s so much more to hunting than aiming and shooting at animals. It comes with a rich history going as far back as millions of years ago. It began as an activity for man’s survival, and it quickly evolved into a sport or a hobby for many. Then came the more modern tools and guns used today.

If you take a closer look at hunting, you’ll find that there’s a lot you can learn about it, such as the right ways to prepare your gun. Even when you’re an expert or you’ve been hunting for a long time now, there might be some facts you still don’t know about.

To beef up your knowledge on hunting, here’s a list of some of the most surprising things you need to know about hunting.

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1. Respecting Your Weapon Is Absolutely Necessary

In hunting, there’s such a thing as ‘respecting your weapon.’ This means thinking of your weapon as loaded all the time. Even if it may not be, at least you’re proactive and safe in ensuring that your hunting gun isn’t a nuisance or a danger to those around you. Otherwise, you may mistakenly test or clean it and end up firing shots because it’s loaded.

Even the most experienced of all hunters can fail at practicing proper firearm safety, so if you’re a beginner, be sure to make this a priority.

You’ve got to master how to operate your hunting gun, pistol, and rifle as well as learn which one will work best for you. You can visit Reviewster and similar websites to start your learning process on hunting equipment.

2. Hunting Is One Of The Oldest Outdoor Activities

Even before more sophisticated and modern guns were invented, hunting had already long been around. Archaeologists who study human history have discovered that people were able to introduce meat into their diet by hunting animals. During those primitive times when guns didn’t exist yet, bows and arrows were already used for hunting.

Once modern modes of agriculture were used around 11,000 years ago, hunting for the purpose of food consumption was greatly reduced. It was limited only to areas where agriculture was difficult to establish, like in Southeastern Asia and in deep rainforests in South America. Fast forward to today, hunting has become more of a hobby and a sport for many rather than a means of acquiring sustenance.

3. Dogs Are A Hunter’s Companion

Did you know that dogs have long accompanied people on hunting trips? They were first trained to hunt alongside humans during the early Neolithic period.

For instance, in ancient Egypt, greyhounds were used to track gazelles in a field. This is referred to as ‘coursing.’ Remember that dogs have a heightened sense of smell, so they can lead people to the location of prey.

Apart from greyhounds, there’s also such a thing as ‘gun dogs.’ They hunt using their sense of sight and smell. The most common gun dog breeds are setters, spaniels, and pointers.

4. Proper Safety Gear Is Still Often Neglected

While you might think it’s obvious that people should wear proper safety gear when hunting, unfortunately, this is still often neglected today. There are still many individuals who go on a hunting range not equipped with the right gear, particularly beginners and those who think they’re experienced enough to go without it.

If you want to enjoy hunting, you have to ensure your safety. When you’re on hunting grounds, your goal shouldn’t only be that other animals won’t see you but also that you protect yourself from other hunters. This means they should be able to spot you and recognize that you’re not prey so they don’t mistakenly aim at or shoot you.

5. Many Years Back, Only Aristocrats Could Go Hunting

Today, virtually anyone can go hunting. In the past, however, this was a sport that was reserved only for the rich, specifically the aristocrats. In fact, hunting as a sport was confined only to the vast areas of land owned by the rich.

For instance, in tribes of Northern Europe, those who were classed as slaves were prohibited from hunting simply because they weren’t allowed to bear arms or own weapons. There was also a time in 1515 when the French government decreed it illegal for peasants to poach.


As you can see, there’s a myriad of things you can learn about hunting. Some of these may be interesting facts, while others are obvious ones that newbie and more experienced hunters alike need to be reminded about. Knowing these, perhaps now you’re more eager to try hunting. While it may not be something you think you’ll be good at, it won’t hurt to give it a shot. It’s an exciting activity you and your buddies can do together when you want to have fun and take on a challenge at the same time.