5 Ways Guys Can Be More Sensual in the Bedroom


Sometimes guys can get so caught up in the sexual aspect of a relationship that they forget a very important and fulfilling part: the sensual side.

Yes, you love your partner and both of you enjoy your intimate times together very much. But while you feel you have the sexual part down pat, you want to find a deeper sense of sensuality in the bedroom.

In order to become a more sensual man with your beloved, consider trying any or all of the following ideas:

1. Add Some Special Lighting

If your bedroom has an overhead light or maybe a couple of bright reading lamps, you probably know these options are not exactly romance-inducing. While you like the idea of candles, you don’t want open flames in your room. Rather than enjoy each other’s company in pitch darkness, consider adding some mood lighting to the room. For instance, fairy lights are a great idea and can turn a bedroom into a romantic getaway. You can string them around the room or if you have a canopy bed you can string the lights across and around the fabric covering.

2. Treat Her to Sexy Lingerie

Another way to be a more sensual guy is to let your partner know how beautiful she is. In addition to telling her, consider treating her to some sexy lingerie that you know she will feel confident and attractive wearing. You can either use the lingerie she already has and loves to wear as a guideline for the style or choose something that is a bit different like a romper or chemise.

3. Find Ways to Laugh Together

This tip applies to spending time with your mate in general, not just when you are in the bedroom. A sensual man is honest, playful and funny, but not childish. Humor can be a great way to boost your sensuality because laughing together is a great way to create positive vibes with your partner. In addition to making your sweetheart laugh throughout the day, look for ways that you can enjoy funny things together. For instance, watch a show you both think is hilarious or treat yourselves to a virtual comedy show featuring a favorite comedian.

4. Remember to Take Your Time

Many guys have this ability to go from zero to 50, figuratively speaking, in the bedroom. But most women prefer a slower approach to intimate encounters. A great way to become more sensual is by focusing on foreplay with your partner for a longer period of time. If you are not sure what she finds to be arousing, ask her. Tell her that you want to up your foreplay game and you want to really focus on her and what she enjoys. This may encourage her to share what she would like.

5. Be Self-Confident, Not Cocky

Some men think that to be self-confident means to be arrogant, but nothing is further from the truth. Not only does self-confidence have nothing to do with cockiness, but the former is also a turn-on for many women while the latter will do the opposite. To boost your self-confidence, take the time to groom yourself and dress well. Self-confident dudes are also kind and encouraging, not negative and nasty, and they enjoy being active and setting goals. You will find that as you feel more sure of yourself as a person outside of the bedroom, your sensual side will emerge more when you are with your partner.

Enjoy Your More Sensual Side

Sex and sexuality are definitely important in a relationship, but so is sensuality. By taking steps to get to know and embrace this side of you, your relationship with your partner should become even more enjoyable, intimate and satisfying than ever.