5 Ways to Stop Yourself from Drinking While Driving

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If you’re planning to go drinking with friends or colleagues in a bar or restaurant, you should keep in mind to drink in moderation—even a single glass of alcohol can keep you from getting behind the wheel of a car, depending on what you’re drinking. The rationale behind this is, of course, to avoid consequences due to drunk driving. In most cases, a DUI or DWI accident can be prevented if you apply the safety tips mentioned in this article

However, suppose someone you know has been charged with driving while intoxicated. In that case, the most basic solution is to hire a lawyer who can deal with the situation. They will need experienced legal counsel with the best defence skills. So, if such a need arises, learn more here.

Statistics about Drunk Driving Accidents

One of the leading causes of road crashes and accidents worldwide is drunk driving. About 20% of injured drivers in developed countries were inspected to have excess in their blood alcohol concentration, while 69% of the same occurrence happens in developing countries. 

Blood Alcohol Content

Blood alcohol content (BAC) is the amount of alcohol in your body, which is often the basis for measuring how intoxicated or sober a person is. It is illegal to drive in Queensland while having a BAC of 0.05% or more. Yet, for other drivers who are either professionals or novice, they must maintain a 0% BAC. Hence, you have to be very mindful of your alcohol intake during events. Or better yet, avoid consuming alcohol at all, especially if you have a learner’s permit or provisional license. 

If you do plan on drinking, make sure to drink wisely. If you plan on avoiding a hungover the next day, educate yourself on the options that don’t contain as much alcohol. If you prefer to take it easy on the calories, you will need to be aware of the beverages that contain fewer calories

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Safety Tips to Avoid Drunk Driving

It is essential to apply these tips if you prefer not to have any ill-favored consequences the next morning after you went drinking. 

  1. Stop Drinking at Least 90 Minutes Before You Want to Leave

This tip requires self-discipline as you need to designate a specific time to stop drinking before deciding to leave. Although alcohol takes hours to be fully flushed out of your body system, 90–120 minutes should suffice for sobering up if you’ve only had a couple of beers and have had plenty of water to balance it out. So, based on when you want to head home, determine what time you have to stop drinking. 

  1. Give Your Car Keys to Your Friend or Loved One

Approach a trustworthy friend who came with you but is not planning to drink any alcohol. You can hand over your car keys for the night, so they will be the one to take you home after. Keep in mind that it should be a friend whom you can trust your car with.

  1. Don’t Bring the Car with You

If you’ve decided to drink with no limits, it would be best not to bring your car with you—this way, you will have zero chance of driving drunk. It is safer for you as well as your vehicle.

  1. Call an Uber or Taxi

It’s always smart to have Uber or your drive share app of choice readily downloaded on your phone, especially when you are drunk and can’t drive. However, if you can’t book an Uber, hailing a cab is a great alternative too. 

  1. Spend the Night

You can also spend the night at a friend’s house if they live near the bar you went to. You can ask them if you could crash on their couch overnight, or at least until you sober up.


Before you start drinking, always be aware of your limitations. Know your threshold and drink responsibly. Keep in mind that there is no justification for driving while intoxicated—it’s a recipe for disaster that will only lead to compromising your own and other people’s safety. In the end, make smart decisions by following these tips henceforth.