6 Quick Pilates Reformer Workout

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Is working out in a gym too dull and overhyped? If that’s the case, you can always choose Pilates reformer exercises to get fast and better results with only a little effort. These exercises are usually done on the Pilates reformer that comes with a flat platform, and it can slide back and forth. It also has an adjustable bar or the foot bar. The platform is attached to the spring, which offers different resistance levels. The Pilates reformer equipment allows you to perform various exercises by lying, sitting, and standing on the reformer as per your requirement. 

Take a look at the following Pilates reformer workout given below:

Kneeling Abdominals

Have you ever felt like doing that one exercise for the abs which works for you better? Then, this is best for you. Not many abdominal exercises can offer such good resistance as this one does. You do not need to lift the neck into the crunch position, which can otherwise produce a strain. 

Get your hands and knees positioned together while resting the knees against your shoulder pads. Then, exhale slowly by dragging your knees towards the hands by pulling out the carriage. The arms will work accordingly to keep you steady, but at the same time, it will make sure not to use the arms for moving the carriage. You can perform this exercise either in a round back or flat back. 


Even though the 100s are an abs workout, the lats and triceps are involved when your muscles contract swiftly. As you squeeze your legs together, your inner thighs and quads are also functioning. This traditional Pilates move is an excellent way to increase your cardiac endurance. Pumping your arms fast five times while inhaling and five times exhaling makes your core and lungs work harder. Pumping your arms and inhaling for five counts and exhaling for seven to eight counts are also options for people who want further physical training. This is a fantastic way to expand your lung capacity.

Swan with T

The swan with T uses the same muscles as the superman stance, but it adds an extra punch to your shoulders and arms. Here’s a helpful hint: You should keep your gaze downward and elevate your chest as high as possible. As most individuals do, it’s not a good idea to have your neck arched. The neck is an extension of the spine and should move in tandem with it. Your sternum should be rising as you peel yourself away from the floor. This is a back-stretching exercise.

The Snake

Because it involves a lot of spinal articulation and moving your weight from your arms to your feet, this position is one of the more challenging Pilates exercises. This practice is similar to the Chaturanga in yoga, which focuses on the triceps. On the other hand, the snake works your shoulders, back, and oblique muscles.

The Frog

The abductors, hamstrings, abs, pelvis, and back will all benefit from this workout. Lie down on the platform, legs bent and shoulders shoulder-width apart. Slip your foot through each loop one by one as you pull the strap over your head. Placing your hand at your side is a good idea. Straighten your legs by sliding your body up. Pull your legs back to the beginning position and slip down a bit as you do so.


This workout may appear scary, but don’t be afraid to attempt it. You may change it in a few different ways. First, with your arms on the short box and your feet on the bar, do a forearm plank. Light resistance will allow your abdominals to perform all of the efforts in dragging the carriage closer as you elevate your hips into a pike posture. This workout may be more user-friendly by placing your feet on the platform instead of the bar. 

The Bottom Line

To summarize, Pilates exercises are a fantastic technique to lose weight rapidly without even feeling like you’re exercising. Furthermore, this entertaining piece of equipment will keep you motivated to go to your Pilates classes regularly. As a result, you will gain enormous mental health advantages in addition to a healthy and toned body. So go ahead and sign up for a Pilates reformer class right now.