Raise your voice – what voice control for online gambling could look like

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If you’re a fan of online gambling, you’ll probably have noticed regular changes to your favourite sites. As with other types of business, online gaming and kazino companies are embracing advanced technology in order to improve their security and make their sites more inclusive. As such, a large number of sites are constantly adapting to ensure that everybody, including those with disabilities, are made to feel welcome and, in this article, we ask the question, is voice control next for online gambling?

Tell it like it is

Voice control and activation is now widely used by websites across the globe including, of course, Google. Figures show that the voice recognition market is likely to grow by $16.46 billion by 2025 and this has, of course, been hugely accelerated by the popularity of voice assistants such as Alexi and Siri. In 2022, people have become accustomed to telling their voice assistant to log onto a website or open an app, rather than lifting a finger to do it themselves so, is this the logical next step for online gambling? Maybe.

Back to basics

On a basic level, voice control could be really useful for searches within online gambling sites. For example, while on a site, you may fancy playing a particular game but find yourself unable to remember its name. In this instance, a simple ‘show me the game that uses a red and black wheel’ will take you to the roulette section in seconds. On this level, voice control will also be helpful in customer support, allowing customers to ask a question rather than typing it out and waiting for a response.

Show me the money

On a more complex level, online gambling sites may tweak the tech so that customers can use voice control for more complex activities, such as depositing or withdrawing funds – and, of course, therein lies the potential problem. With any type of online financial transaction, some risk is involved and, some feel that voice control for gambling transactions would, for now, be too risky. While this may be the case, there’s a good chance that a lot of brands are already working on a solution which would allow for the safe use of voice across the entire site.

Shout the odds

While we’re not there just yet, there’s little doubt that the online gambling world will dally for too long when it comes to onboarding voice control. As we become more and more attached to our devices and gadgets, speed and convenience are king and, failing to respond to that will almost certainly see online gambling companies being left behind.