The Best Workouts For Men: Your Back


Since the muscles in your back aren’t beach muscle like your biceps, triceps, pecs, or abs, you may be inclined to neglect them. Bad idea. Bigger back muscles will help you achieve a V-shaped torso (women dig those), strengthening the muscles along your spine can help prevent injury, and a strong back in general will help you perform better while doing other exercises.

If you’re going to work your lats, traps, and spinal erectors (heh heh), you need to make sure you perform the movements with proper technique. To help you do that, we’ve added a how-to for each exercise in the following pages. Do this workout every five to seven days.

Deadlifts 3 / 4-8 1 minute
Dumbbell single-arm rows 3 / 6-10 1 minute
Wide-grip lat pulldowns 3 / 6-10 1 minute
Pull-ups 3 / 6-10 1 minute
Close-grip seated cable rows 3 / 6-10 1 minute
Face pulls 3 / 6-10 1 minute