5 Guaranteed Things That’ll Make Your Mouth Happier

things that belong in your mouth

Your filthy fingernails, thumb, or a enormous dynamite bomb? Not great things to stick into your mouth. However, from your teeth to your taste buds, it’s never a bad idea to find things that both care for and pamper your mouth.

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One reason is vanity. Guys without teeth typically have soul-sucking debt from dental bills, awful meth habits, disgusting toothbrushes, and rancid breath. And none of those are traits that women flock to.

The second reason? Why the hell not? Only a masochist wouldn’t want to treat his body parts to some pampering or pair a tasty wine with his meal.


motto backbone wine#1.  Motto Backbone Cabernet Sauvignon ($15 @ mottowines.com) 
Whether you’re a wino, sommelier, or in search of getting lit on something that’ll leave you feeling less bloated than beer, give a look to Motto Backbone. Aside from being affordable — a huge plus when you’re trying to save cash by taking a date out for dinner — it also pairs with a variety of foods: steak, fish, BBQ chicken, even chocolate. Take a swig and you’ll taste flavors such as plum, caramel, and raspberry. And not that it makes the wine taste better, but the bottle’s cool looking, too.

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