7 Golf Swing Tweaks That’ll Improve Your Stroke

Mark Russo, PGA Teaching Professional & TrackMan Certified Professional, thinks our golf swing sucks. And Mark Russo, PGA Teaching Professional & TrackMan Certified Professional, is absolutely correct. Lucky for us, Russo is an expert at fixing awful golf swings. So if your swing is as bad as ours (or as Charles Barkley’s is in the above video), listen to Russo’s golf swing tips so you can save face the next time you’re golfing with your boys. Or worse yet, the boss.

golf swing tipsGolf Swing Tip #1: Practice
We can hear you now: “No kidding, idiots!” Yeah, well we’re not talking about practicing at the golf range or hamming out a few thousands putts on that ridiculous putting green in your office. If you want to improve your swing you need to take more cuts. Period. And with setups like the Birdie Golf Home Range ($260), you can get a true range experience without having to shell out for a bucket of balls — and broken car windows — each time.

Benefits to the at-home approach include digital tools and critiques, recordable playback to help improve your game, and the fact that no one ever has to see your ugly cuts. If you’re a simp for high-end gadgets, it’s time to look for a perfect simulator like the Mevo Plus. Its accurate ball-flight measurement will make you pull off the posture you need to ace an actual game.

Next tip: Proper head placement