6 Things You Never Knew About Money

If Huell knew how many zillions of germs were crawling all over Walter White’s cash he’d probably … well, he’d probably do it anyway because who wouldn’t? Still, point is that money is gross. While you probably knew that, you might not had known how gross it really is. In fact, aside from knowing you’d like more money to pad your coffers, you might not know all that much about it. Before we venture into other areas, let’s first get a little more specific about what we just discussed …

#1. Money is really, really, really filthy
Cash is one of the dirtiest pieces of paper that you can have in your house, so if you are considering swimming in it or blowing your nose with a $100 bill a la random rich people caricatures, think twice. That money is actually home to thousands of bacteria, some of which are the most unhealthy germs in the home for many people. Time reported that on any given dollar bill, 94 percent contained viruses and bacteria, even those which can transmit the flu. Even better news: it can be transmitted via cash for more than two weeks. Awesome. Basically, unless you never touch cash, make sure you’re stocked up on hand sanitizer or at the very least, stylish latex gloves to wear in public.

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#2. Money actually does by happiness … ish
A recent study shows that wealthy people tend to live more rewarding lifestyles. In short, it’s due to their quality of life being higher than, say, someone who consistently needs to find creative ways to dodge bill collectors. Previous studies show that once basic needs like housing and food are met, the excess doesn’t contribute to well-being. Clearly, this isn’t a definitive study, but money gives you options, so those that say it can’t buy a piece of happiness are either blind, ignorant, or have rich parents.

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