6 Tips For Dating A Wealthy Woman

6 Tips For Dating a Woman Who Makes More Money Than You

Tips for Dating Rich Women

If you’re dating a woman who makes more money than you do it’s important not to come off like a greedy miser — but you also want to avoid putting yourself in a financial hole in an attempt to gloss over the income gap. Walking that fine line can be tricky. To help you avoid running into any avoidable pitfalls, we asked relationship expert Dr. Ramani Durvasula for tips.

Talking money — specifically, your money woes — can be an awkward discussion in any relationship. And in the early goings of something new, it can be downright cringeworthy to lay your financial portfolio (or failings) out for her to see. However, it’s something you have to get out of the way. “She’ll appreciate the honesty,” adds Dr. Ramani.

That doesn’t mean you should expect her to foot every bill. She’ll think you’re using her for her loot. So if you can swing the bill without her, offer to do so. If it’s too expensive, pay what you can afford — and do it with a smile.