Bro’s Guide to Crushing Valentine’s Day – Epic Gift Ideas for Your Special Someone


Much like the age-old questions we ask ourselves about this crazy world we live in, what to get a man for Valentine’s Day must be right up there with the most challenging ones. But fear not because we’ve curated a select group of categories and Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him that are sure to make this his favorite Valentine’s Day yet.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

From mouthwatering culinary delights to big-kid toys, booze-infused jerky and personalized barware, these Valentine gifts for men will bring the “wow-factor” to this year’s celebration of Cupid and all things love. Even his bros will be impressed.

For The Culinary Connoisseur

Whether he’s a true connoisseur of fine dining and exquisite cuisine or, like most bros, he simply loves to eat, he is a man who’s comfortable in the kitchen and on the grill. This presents the perfect opportunity to give him something he’ll love and use.

They say, ‘go big or go home,’ and although it might be cliché, we like nothing more than going big. Upgrade his grilling game with a new state-of-the-art grill or smoker. Fancy new smokers come in a wide range of price points and styles, with many all-in-one smokers now that can not only smoke things, but broil, bake, roast, sear, braise, and grill.

Much like an artist needs his brushes, a grill master needs his tools of the trade. Don’t let him settle for that crusty, greasy spatula with its years of built-up gunk and grime. OK, we may be painting an extreme picture here, but you get the idea. Why settle for cheap plastic tools when you can give him a new set of stainless-steel grilling tools, including a grilling fork, tongs, spatula, grill brush, and knife. Now he’s ready to create his own masterpiece.

For The Sports Enthusiast

Sports enthusiast may be just a polite way of saying fanatic. Of course, that’s where the word fan comes from, and he is all that and more. From his lucky game-worn jersey to favorite chair for watching all the big games, his fandom takes a back seat to no one. Or perhaps he enjoys getting in on the action himself, never one to sit around on the couch all day, he grabs life and its athletic opportunities by the horns and doesn’t let go.

Elevate his man cave with sports gifts and décor from his favorite team. This could be a custom cornhole game, dart board, or if you want to go big, a logoed pool table will really add that wow factor. For those on a budget, or newly dating and don’t want to commit to an expensive gift, personalized pint glasses with their beloved team logo will do the trick.

For the outdoor aficionado, consider camping games like cornhole and bocce ball, or for the big-game hunter in your life, hunting supplies like an insulated bottle, stormproof matches, or a single-man tent are nice accessories for his hunting passion.

For The Beer Enthusiast

To him there is no more perfect beverage. Beer, that magic elixir made of malt, hops, yeast, water, and of course, love. These gifts for beer lovers are a toast to that divine beverage and the man who drinks it.

The best way to combine his love of beer and for doing things himself is with a home brewing kit. These kits come with the tools, ingredients, and instructions he needs to craft his own signature beer that he can show off to his bros.

Weekends are for road trips; and road trips are for discovering new locales, new adventures, and for beer lovers, new craft breweries. With a personalized growler, complete with his name and perhaps a favorite beer quote, he can enjoy the fruits of those road trips at home with his favorite beer from each brewery. Just be sure that he offers you a glass, too.

For a fun and quirky alternative, a variety of fresh…and tasty smelling beer soaps means he can come out of the shower feeling energized and ready for a cold one.

For The Sentimental Soul

Does he collect every card, every drawing, and meaningful mementos from a date night or anniversary trip? It sounds like he’s a sentimental soul, and for the sentimental soul, it’s all about personalization. He’ll feel loved and appreciated when you take the time to pick out one of these personalized gifts for him that you know he’ll love and then customize it with his name, the name of a child or cherished pet, a meaningful quote, or a special date.

Whether he’s a 5-handicap or a 25-handicap, he loves to play golf and enjoy quality time in nature with friends and loved ones. Here’s an inside secret – golfers love to see their name on things. And golf balls are easily customizable – just select his favorite brand (don’t be afraid to nose around in his golf bag to figure out what that is…you can tell him we gave you permission) and what to put on it. Now at least when he loses a ball, everyone will know whose it is. And for a show stopping sports gift, a customized golf bag will have heads turning and his pride beaming…no matter how he plays on the course.

For a true heartstring tugger, consider a personalized digital picture frame which allows you to preset it with a variety of his favorite pictures that rotate periodically. Always guaranteed to bring a smile to his face.

For The DIYer

If you have a DIYer in the family, then you know a DIYer enjoys working on projects and crafting things with their hands. They also enjoy following a plan, which is just what they can do with a DIY kit or tool gifts.

Knife-making has seen an upward trend, as more people are beginning to seek alternative hobbies and diversions other than social media and their phones. A knife-making kit is not only fun to do, but when complete, he’ll have a fantastic, versatile tool that he can proudly use knowing he fashioned it with his own hands.

Don’t wait until the last minute and let this be another hum-drum Valentine’s Day. Surprise him this year with one of these creative Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him and start adding those points into the love bank.