Exercise, Fitness, and Weight Loss Myths You Probably Believe

6 Myths About Exercise and Fitness

Weight Loss Myths You Should Never Believe

Want to lose weight? Gain muscle? Not feel like a flabby glob of gelatin when it’s time to get naked? Then don’t listen to any of these seven health, exercise, and fitness myths. Sadly, there is a lot of fiction being tossed around in magazines, websites, and on The Biggest Loser. We’ll help sift the facts from the fluff.

Studies show it’s not the type of activity, but the amount of energy expended that spurns the loss of fat tissue. In other words, you can’t elliptical yourself into a Ryan Reynolds six pack. [Trust us, we’ve tried. —Ed.] Resistance training can aid in increasing muscle mass, which in turn can spike metabolic energy expenditure. In other words, pick up something heavy and you may just burn more energy hanging on the couch than you would if you ran all day.