Video: Anti-Christmas Songs Mashup

For People Who Are Anti-Christmas …

It’s not so much the getting free stuff jammed into a stocking or under a dead pine tree that many people despise about Christmas. It’s more about having to deal with things like anxiety as to whether the FedEx dude will deliver a package on time, or sitting in traffic because the roads are packed with kooks and a-hole shoppers.

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Plus, it’s the only other time of year aside from Black Friday that you have to worry about some nutso going all gangbusters on you in Toys”R”Us in hopes of snagging the last Big Hugs Elmo for their kid. And the kicker? The payoff for dealing with all of that is that you get to spend your day off from work with … your family.

Great, we may have just talked ourselves out of the Christmas Spirit. Yep, we did. Now the lyrics performed by the people, elves, Muppets, gremlins, animations, and claymations in this mashup have a whole new meaning for us. Bah! Humbug!

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