7 Fetish Sex Toys You Need to Try at Least Once in Life

Bored of vanilla sex? Are you interested in trying something new?

To the surprise of many, toys and kinky sex aren’t new. In the stone age, our ancestors began etching the human vagina into stone. In ancient Egypt, the men would engage in sexual intercourse with their cattle and other pets.

Now, people are more open to exploring the possibilities of sexual acts. From foot fetishes to humiliation, people are beginning to embrace their secret sexual desires. Many companies cater to these unique fetishes.

If you’re looking to try something new in the bedroom, here are seven fetish sex toys you need to try. Find the best sex toy for you, whether it be for personal pleasure or sharing it with a partner.

1. Bad Dragon

Ever wanted to get fucked by a dragon? Bad Dragon is the number one seller for fetish fantasy sex toys. From dragon dildos to demon dicks, Bad Dragon’s selection can satisfy your wildest fantasies.

Bad Dragon primarily caters to the furry communities. They often sell their products at furry conventions, but you can purchase a dildo online.

Bad Dragon offers a wide variety of dildo designs. Their designs focus on fantasy creatures. Each dildo is unique from one another and comes in a vast color selection. Bad Dragon also gives you the option to customize the firmness of your alien dildo.

Bad Dragon pushes the limit of visual appeal and technology. Have you ever wanted your dildo to cum inside of you? The Bad Dragon comes with a refillable cum tube so you can enjoy a wet and messy session.

2. Black Leather Puppy Play K9 Muzzle

Puppy play is a sub-genre of BDSM. The sub or bottom roleplays as a dog, obeying to their master’s will. Puppy play is a low-level entry and non-threatening example of BDSM roleplay.

BDSM enthusiasts sometimes wear costumes. This black leather K9 muzzle is a great example of costumes for puppy play. This K9 muzzle allows more facial expression from its wearer.

This K9 muzzle comes with a leather strap and silicone ball gag. Purchase this muzzle with a pair of leather puppy paw fist mitts.

3. Silicon Wives Foot Fleshlights

For all foot lovers out there, Silicone Wives foot fleshlights are a great way to enjoy the traditional sex experience. These realistic feet silicone models come with built-in fleshlights. Silicon Wives crafted these products with the highest quality silicon.

The high detail added to the feet boosts the experience for all the feet lovers out there. Silicon Wives offers other body parts on their market. You can find male and female genitals and full-blown sex dolls.

4. Lovehoney Double Up Silicone Mini Double-Ended Dildo

This double-ended dildo is perfect for gay couples who both enjoy penetration. Lovehoney’s double-ended dildo provides easy penetration with its smooth silicon. Each end of the dildo has a different shaft size.

One side of this dildo measure at about 5.5 inches in length and 3.5 inches in girth. The other side of the dildo measures at 4.5 inches in length and 2.75 inches in girth. Both ends of the dildo have defined heads and veiny shafts to add to a more stimulating experience.

The dildo’s c-shaped shaft allows itself to fit perfectly into the curve of your body. Lovehoney’s double-ended dildo is flexible for personal use or with a partner. Women can enjoy this sex toy to enjoy both vaginal and anal stimulation.


The REAL WHIZZINATOR-XXX is a classic sex toy. It’s an elaborate strap-on penis that comes with a warmed external bladder for synthetic urine. This is the perfect sex toy for people who enjoy wet sex and extreme humiliation.

The REAL WHIZZINATOR-XXX makes use of an internal pinch valve to stop and start the flow of synthetic urine. Users will pinch on the shaft to start the flow and stop pinching to cease. This serves as a natural and realistic way to control the flow of synthetic urine.

The REAL WHIZZINATOR-XXX kit comes with a prosthetic unit with all the needed hardware. The complete set comes with:

  • Insulation pouch with a built-in 4 oz reservoir
  • One vial of synthetic urine
  • Two 8-hour heat packs
  • Temperature indicator, and
  • Reusable fill pump

The complete kit also comes with detailed instructions for new REAL WHIZZINATOR-XXX users. You can choose up to 6 colors. For those who want to enjoy wet sex but feel concerned about using real urine, the REAL WHIZZINATOR-XXX is for you!

6. Sportsheets Door Jam Sling

For those who are new to sex swings, the Sportsheets Door Jam Sling is a great place to start. This sex sling is perfect for users with limited space. It doesn’t take up much space and it won’t require you to drill holes into your ceiling.

To use the Sportsheets Door Jam Sling, hook it over a door. To secure the sling, close the door then adjust the straps to fit your body. Simply take it off the door after a session.

This sling can also deliver to bigger-bodied or disabled receivers. This apparatus can hold up to 147 kilograms.

7. Fetish Fantasy Nipple and Clit Jewelry Set

Nipple clamps can serve as a great introduction to BDSM play. This product is perfect for those who enjoy nipple stimulation like sucking, licking, and even light biting. Nipple clamps can be a bit painful but add to the experience by making your nipples extra sensitive.

For beginners, this nipple and clit jewelry set is the best fetish sex toy for you. The clamp consists of an adjustable string instead of metal. This jewelry set comes with a weighted chain so that the wearer still receives some weight and tension.

Spice Your Evening With These Fetish Sex Toys!

Here are some fetish sex toys that you should look into if you’re looking for something new. Kinks and fetishes come in all shapes and sizes. There’s no better time to explore your sexual kinks.

Try out these fetish sex toys today and check out Doll Wives.

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