3 Healthy Habits to Boost Men’s Sexual Performance

diego lozano QGHNk7eis0k unsplash

What matters to you, quality or quantity of sex? Some men may say that the quantity matters most, but deep down, they know that true satisfaction comes from the quality of the intercourse. It is not only about positions or duration; it is also about your health in general and how close you are to your partner. Hence, if you take care of your physical and psychological well-being and nurture your relationship with your partner, you will increase the quality of your intercourse. To do that, follow these three tips to boost your performance.

1.    Reduce the Level of Stress

You may think that the stress you experience at work or when being engaged in household issues doesn’t affect your sexual life. At the end of the day, you leave it behind the doors of your bedroom. In reality, stress always lives in your brain, which is, in fact, the organ responsible both for arousal and satisfaction. Not only does stress distract your brain from intercourse, but it also affects the level and production of sex hormones and their response. Stress raises cortisol and adrenaline levels; when these hormones are present, the body doesn’t think about pleasure but about survival. Hence, doing mindful meditations and yoga can help you reduce stress and help your brain and hormonal system. Such exercises help release healing hormones and ensure you are focused on the intercourse and not on work issues.

2.    Do Regular Check-ups

This has to be on your annual to-do list, even if nothing is worrying you yet. There might be underlying issues affecting your sexual performance, and you don’t know about them. Speak to your partner and encourage them to be open if they feel that something has changed for the worse. It would help to apply for professional help and get treatment in time. Also, if you can, study your family history to determine whether there were conditions related to sexual health. They may pass down from generation to generation for the likelihood of having premature ejaculation. If you suspect you might be suffering or noticing symptoms of this condition, such as the inability to hold ejaculation or ejaculating within 2-3 minutes, apply for premature ejaculation treatment in Australia. The sooner you do that, the higher are the chances of enjoying sex as long as possible.

3.    Control Your Diet

First, limit the consumption of alcohol. You shouldn’t eliminate it entirely if you feel that it helps you become more relaxed or even cheers you up. Many couples practice drinking alcohol to feel more liberated in bed. However, if you consume too much, you can face adverse consequences, such as increased anxiety and depression. Studies recommend two drinks a day for men and one for women. As for dieting, opt for fruits and vegetables (such as pomegranate, apples, watermelon, spinach) rich in antioxidants and vitamins. You can consume food, mainly fish and nuts, containing a lot of omega-3 fatty acids. They can help boost your libido (sexual desire) and improve sexual health in general. As you can see, options to better your performance are at arm’s length. You only need to grab them and use them for a happier and healthier relationship.