7 Rules For Getting Divorced

Rules For Getting Divorced don't change locks

#3. Leave the Locks Alone
“If both of your names are on a deed or a lease, you can’t lock the person out of the house,” Troy says. “If you do, it’ll cost you more to defend your action in court.” It’ll also affect your image. “You look like the bad guy because you put your wife out on the street, and you just prejudiced your case before you even set foot in a courtroom. Retain an attorney and talk to your attorney about the quickest way to get that person out of the house.” You should, however, take inventory of big-ticket items you own.

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#4. Leave (At Least) Half of the Money Alone
Taking your money and running isn’t a great idea, according to Troy. “Ask every person who tells you to empty your bank accounts to hand you $5,000, because that’s what you’re going to pay a lawyer to defend that action in court.” Troy adds that if you absolutely need to take money out of a joint account, you should leave half of it there. Consider the other half hers until you hear otherwise.