8 Things You May Not Have Known About the Adult Entertainment Industry


Are you curious about the adult entertainment industry? Do you want to learn some interesting things about adult entertainment and its stars?

There are many reasons for people to watch porn.

People do it because they’re bored, aroused, curious, or stressed. Naughty entertainment also ties in with the human fascination with sex. It’s a driver of procreation and, thus, survival and continued evolution.

If you’re someone who wants to understand porn more than with the usual facts, you came to the right place. Below, we’ve put together 7 interesting facts that you may not have known about the porn industry.

1. The Porn Industry Pushed Technology Forward

Are you old enough to remember what it’s like to have VHS tapes and Betamax? Did you know that the reason why VHS became more popular than Betamax was because of porn? This wasn’t the only front that showed how much people were willing to pay more for porn.

Without porn, the Internet wouldn’t have a solid consumer base. It led the way for streaming adult content, tracking devices, sex toys brands like xinghaoya, and online transactions.

Today, you can find products like Huggies’ pregnancy belts. It uses haptic technology to let expecting fathers experience what it’s like to feel a baby kicking in the womb. Before this, haptic tech gave users a realistic “touch sensation” of being in a virtual porn world.

Pornography improved technology like library card cataloging systems and the early printing presses. The development of how manufacturers make sex toys is also much better and realistic now. To read more about sex toys, visit The Hot Spot.

2. In Pornography, Gender Roles Are Equal

A common misconception in porn is that women are often those in front of the camera, while men stay behind it. However, the opposite happens in real life, as well. The porn industry is moving from being a male industry to being an industry for men and women.

Today, women are willing to take on the role of producers, directors, and other non-star roles. They work to help produce mainstream and unconventional porn. These women are also those who create erotic adult art for female consumers.

Erika Lust is a great example of a female director who encourages more women to enter the industry. She launched XConfessions, a porn site that displays the works of female filmmakers. It’s the female-focused counterpart of mainstream websites like Pornhub.

3. Porn Addiction Is a Serious Issue

Like other things, the adult entertainment industry offers negative consequences to some people. Porn addiction is one of those consequences. In short, it is the uncontrollable impulse of a person to view porn, which affects his or her life.

Today, porn addiction affects 5-8% of the adult population. Addiction to cyber-porn is the most common type of porn addiction. Often, addicts spend 11-12 hours or more viewing online porn per week.

This addiction hurts the addict’s relationship with the surrounding people. It increases their expectations of their sex partners up to an unrealistic level. These expectations may also affect the sexual confidence of the sex partner.

Certain disorders often co-occur with porn addiction, like depression, anxiety, and social anxiety. It can also cause memory problems and erectile dysfunction. If the addict can get past the shame and social stigma, the treatment can reduce porn viewing by as much as 92%.

4. The Average Age of Early Exposure to Pornography Is 13 Years Old

Did you know that kids as young as 8 years old now get exposed to pornography? In a study, the earliest that a child got exposed to pornography was 5 years. 43% of men say they got exposed to porn by accident.

This exposure can shape how they perceive and treat women. It doesn’t help that there is what people call “Rule 34.” Rule 34 claims that “if something exists, there will somehow be porn of it somewhere on the internet.” This rule makes it easier for young kids to find porn of things they enjoy, like cars, robots, and dragons.

5. Porn Consumption Goes Down During Holidays and Big Events

Tags like “Xmas sex” and “XXXmas” trend in the Christmas season, but fewer people consume porn at that time. During Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Eve, porn consumption plummets. In the US, Christmas Eve has the largest dip in Pornhub traffic (-43%) compared to New Year’s Eve (-38%) and Christmas Day (-26%).

Notice that these are the holidays people often spend time with family and friends. Even top performers in the sex industry take breaks to spend time with their loved ones.

6. Being in Adult Entertainment Pays Well

When it comes to profits, the adult entertainment industry makes one of the biggest. The porn industry releases 13,000 films and makes almost $15 billion in profit each year. In comparison, Hollywood releases 600 movies every year and makes a 10-billion-dollar profit.

Like the industry, adult entertainers also make big money. The pay scales for women porn stars who star in straight flicks alone can earn them a lot. A typical man-woman scene pays $1,000, while a woman-on-woman scene pays $800.

If the porn star is willing to do more on camera, they will also earn more. Anal sex pays $1,200 or more. If a porn star takes on a double penetration scene, she can earn $4,000 or more for it.

7. Fame Doesn’t Last for Most Porn Stars

Did you know that the average career length of most porn stars is 6-18 months? It’s a short-lived career, but a porn star can already film many scenes and films at that time. The reason behind this quick career length differs for each porn star.

Some discover that being in the adult industry isn’t what they thought it would be. Some look for a more stable lifestyle or get disenchanted with the porn life.

Some porn stars don’t get paid enough or chosen because others will do the scenes for less money. Those people are often those who don’t know better yet or don’t have the authority to argue on their behalf.

7 Facts About the Adult Entertainment Industry Explained

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8 The Future of Adult Entertainment

While we may not know what exactly lies ahead for the future of adult entertainment, we do know that technology will continue to play an important role in shaping how we consume it. Virtual Reality (VR) technology is being used by some companies to create immersive experiences for viewers—allowing them to feel like they are partaking in their own personal adventure within the world of adult entertainment.

Additionally, streaming services are becoming increasingly popular as consumers seek out convenient ways to access content they enjoy without having to leave home or make a purchase at a store or online retailer.