8 Camping Essentials For, Uh, Camping

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The worst thing you can do while you’re roughing it in the wilderness is … get eaten by a bear. The second worst? Forgetting something essential, like gear that’ll help you sleep more comfortably, stay warm, and remain safe from predators like the Predator.

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We’re going to assume your checklist included food and water. If that was left off of your list, you’re totally screwed and nothing on this list will help you survive. While this list is by no means everything you can use — we also omitted other useful items like an axe, water purifier, GPS/compass, and first aid kit — it’s good start.

for guys camping essentials cooking and eating

MSR — Quick 2 System ($100 @ Amazon.com)

Yes, you could bring paper plates, a couple of old plastic cups and that rusty pan that you refuse to throw away. But Mother Nature might find a way to punish you for being a dick, and it’s also easier to  invest is this ultra lightweight, super compact (packs within itself), cook and eat duo by MSR.

Cook your meals in the hard-anodized, aluminum pots and eat off the two deep plates. Campfire coffee? Keep it warm in the insulated mugs. Paper plates are for family reunions and church potlucks – don’t be a paper plate camper.

*Don’t forget utensils. The Sea to Summit Alpha Set ($17 @ Amazon.com) is a good pick.

sleeping bag camping essentials for men
Big Agnes — Hog Park 20 ($135 @ Amazon.com)
This Big Agnes sleeping bag features a built in sleeping pad sleeve and pillow pocket  — remember to bring one. Named for its wide and tall cut, the Hog Park is the sleeping bag of choice for larger stature campers or for those who just like more wiggling room. The rip-stop material is durable and the outer surface is water resistant treated.

Additionally, the Hog Park features a right and a left zipper, so you don’t need a map to get in your bag after a few too many beverages.