Is This The Least Awful Fanny Pack Ever Made?

hex wasit pack fanny pack

We’re guessing you don’t own a fanny pack because they’re lame, right? Well HEX is looking to erase that stigma with their take on an otherwise forgotten accessory. Wisely calling it a Gallery Waist Pack ($50 @ in an attempt at rebranding, their, uh, fanny pack features water resistant, non-pilling hi/low woven material — read: it’s durable — and an inner compartment that’s been padded and lined with fleece to house your wallet, iPad, smartphone, MP3 player, or pocket shots. There’s also a front storage pocket for charging cables, keys, snacks, or lip stick, er, lip balm. We meant lip balm … obviously.

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We see the HEX as being useful on a short hike to eliminate the need to carry a backpack (you’d simply replace the iPad with a bottle of water). But overall, it’s still a fanny pack and doesn’t completely create a new identity for them. However, it does come in black, which is way more badass looking than those lame neon ones your dad wore in the 1980s.