8 Stars Who Got Their Start In Horror Flicks

Celebrities Who Got Their Start In Horror Movies

Sam Raimi was a virtual nobody before his 1981 low-budget horror flick The Evil Dead ($10 Blu-ray @ Amazon.com) turned into a cult hit. The creatively conceived special effects, combined with a charming campiness amid the carnage, won it a loyal following that prompted two sequels and the start of careers for Raimi and the film’s star, Bruce Campbell.

And so of course they remade it (Campbell and Raimi were producers). The rebooted Evil Dead ($5 DVD @ Amazon.com) captured nearly $100 million worldwide and turned just about as many stomachs.  But none of those people achieved the level of fame as Campbell and Raimi (yet).

That might change with Ash vs. Evil Dead being so well-received by critics and fans, but still, not on par with these eight actors who got their start in horror movies …

Who she played: Tory Redding, North Dakota’s hot chick. Her day was totes ruined after a run-in with a killer leprechaun.

How she died: Actually, she didn’t. Instead, she proceeded to experience the living death of spending her life in North Dakota.