8 Things Guys Should Know About Wearing Suits

If you’ve graduated college you most likely own at least one suit. Probably two. While we’d recommend going with a custom suit — our editors have used Indochino.com numerous times, spending an average of $400 or so and swearing on Indochino’s service and quality — you can go off the rack if it suits you (no pun intended, we swear). Whatever suit you end up going with there are a few 101 things you should know about how it should look or fit. Here are eight style basics that should be covered …

#1. Should the jacket cover my ass?
Yes. So if one of your cheeks is peeping out, the jacket is too small.

#2. What’s up with pleated suit pants? 
What an ambiguous question. In the end, pleats are a matter of preference, but we hope you go with no pleats because that’s what we like and we’re always right. Even when we’re wrong.

#3. How many vents should my jacket have?
One or two. No-vent jackets are reserved for tuxedos. We typically go with two vents because we’re immature and feel as if the one vent option looks like a butt crack.

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