8 Things Guys Should Know About Wearing Suits

what guys should know about suits
Pictured: Indochino Essential Charcoal Suit ($449 / free shipping / $75 toward alterations)

#4. Should I go with two buttons?
Sure, or three. When in doubt, two is the default. If you’re a tall drink of water consider going with three; it’ll help distract people from staring at your freakishly long midsection.

#5. What’s the deal with suit lining? 
Did you say that in your best Seinfeld voice? We covered that more in depth in an article titled Why Your Suit Lining Matters, and we’re to lazy to rewrite it. Strap yourself in because it’s a wild read!

#6. Should my pants length stop at the ankle?
No, who the hell told you that? You pants should stop just above your shoes.

#7. What is the difference between Super 120, 130, 140, and 150? 
Like with your bedsheets, the higher the numbers go the finer the quality of the wool fabric. It’s referred to as “fiber fineness.” Super S translates to pure new wool or virgin wool

#8. My jacket collar bunches, is that the way it’s supposed to fit? 
Nope. From the Indochino blog:

• The collar should be smooth against your neck with no bunching or gaping. The shoulders should be rounded and smooth with no dimpling or rumpling. The lapels should be flat and smooth against your chest.
• The jacket should be fitted to your body with no major creasing or pulling across the closure. The sleeves should be smooth with minimal twisting and end just above your wrist, leaving about half an inch of your shirt sleeve exposed when your arm is straight by your side.

• The vents should lay flat perpendicular to the ground—no flaring or tugging. The seat should be smooth with no creasing or sagging. The break should naturally crease just above your shoes.