9 Christmas Movies That Aren’t Actually Christmas Movies

christmas movies that aren't really christmas movies

There are Christmas movies you’ve seen so many times you can practically recite every line: A Christmas Story, National Lampoon’s Christmas VacationLove Actually (oh, just admit it). Chances are you’ve seen them so many times because watching Christmas movies is a great way to avoid having to speak to your family. But if you nevertheless can’t stand the thought of watching Flick stick his tongue to that metal pole one more time, we suggest you check out these Christmas-ish movies on Netflix or iTunes instead.

Oh, and Santa says some of these write-ups include spoilers. You’ve been warned…

Christmas Movies That Aren’t Really Christmas Movies

better off dead

BETTER OFF DEAD | 1985 | Own for $9 @ Amazon.com
It’s a classic Christmas tale: Boy (John Cusack) meets girl, boy dates girl, girl dumps boy for a dude who can ski better, boy thinks up elaborate yet ineffective ways to kill himself, boy out-skis rival and dates mechanically inclined foreign exchange student living with the family of tubby sociopaths across the street. Also, Booger from Revenge of the Nerds is in it.