Get High On These 9 Weed Facts

interesting facts about weed

#1. An estimated 22 million pounds of pot is grown in the United States. Most of the crop comes from the hippies in California; the red necks in Tennessee and Kentucky; the surfers in Hawaii; and woodsy loggers in Washington.

#2. The majority in this country believe marijuana legalization is inevitable. A Pew Research Center survey confirmed that 75 percent of the people surveyed thought that the rest of the country would catch up to Washington and Colorado.

#3. An online survey performed by found that about 10 percent of U.S. employees have gone to work high on pot. Some claimed it was for medicinal purposes, while a little more than seven percent admitted it was for recreational purposes.

#4. A 2012 study that suicide rates are lower in places where medicinal marijuana is available.

#5. Different strains of pot affect you in different ways. Sativa strains are what “get you high,” while indica strains will “get you stoned.”