The 16 Best TV Spokesmen Ever

Good commercial spokesmen (or -women) are those whom we’re powerless to resist. Their charm not only entertains us, but also yields immediate economic rewards for the companies they represent.

Okay … that’s not exactly true. Really, good commercial spokesmen (or -women) are ones who don’t make us hurl things at the TV or lose consciousness. And the best ones? Well, the best ones become characters who we not only tolerate but look forward to seeing.

So whether they’re funny, hot, insane, or a little of all three, here are seven who do just that.

BOG GIOVANNI (2016-present)

Company: Old Spice*

Shtick: A super-tan and super-hairy balding fella billing himself as “The King of Products” and shows just how hydrating Old Spice Hydro Wash** can combat dry skin and B.O. even in the harshest of climates!

One to know on: Actor Steven Ogg also plays Simon on The Walking Dead, who is an awful human being who works for Negan. Why’d you have to do that to Glenn, Negan? Why? Why? Why?

*Yes, the Old Spice Guy is on the list!

**We’ve tested Hydro Wash Pure Sport Plus, Steel Courage, and Live Wire ($5) and the trio proved to be thicker and produce a better lather than most brands. Old Spice claims this is due to “dual stream” formula that keeps moisturizer and cleansers separate, but we think it clearly comes down to the talents of the magician who created it. Hydro Wash is part of Old Spice’s Hardest Working Collection and none of the scents were overpowering or irritating to our skin, which is sometimes the case when you using scented body wash.

old spice hydro wash