9 of the Best Male Masturbation Techniques and Tips


A healthy sex life improves your health in many ways, including reduced stress, boosted immune system, and lowered blood pressure. If you’re flying solo, though, you can still reap plenty of rewards from staying sexually engaged.

Most guys know you don’t need a partner to have a good time. But there are both pluses and minuses to getting there by yourself all the time.

For one, you might get bored. Using the same technique gets the job done but doesn’t have the same thrill.

Another reason you need to mix it up is that you can get too used to one style. That can impact time spent with a partner.

Variety is the spice of life and our kitchen is wide open. Here are nine male masturbation techniques, tips, and tricks for you to try out tonight!

1. Get Yourself in the Mood

This is a good tip for guys that are bored or not as active anymore. If you think that masturbation is just a chore that needs to get done, this one is for you.

Don’t just get it over with. Take time to pamper yourself, set the mood, and get ready almost as if it was a date.

A more sensual setting, with music, candles, and more can add another dimension to something that’s become routine. Men need self-care, too, so don’t be shy to add in a little romance to your alone time.

2. Explore Yourself

There’s one part of yourself that plays a big (heh) role in masturbation. But it’s not the only part.

Try exploring your body to see what else feels good. Use different pressure on various parts of your body and go from there.

So you can’t nibble your own ear, which usually gets you in the mood. You’ll never know what other erogenous zones are waiting to be discovered if you don’t go exploring.

3. Switch up Your Position

Here’s another habit to break: being in the same position every time. Sitting in the same chair or lying down the same way is another way your body gets acclimated to the same old thing time after time.

Start with something easy and then get creative. For example, if you usually sit, try standing up.

From there, you can try squatting, bending over, or spread eagle on the living room floor (if you live alone — please don’t shock your roommates). You never know — you might find a great new position to try with your partner.

4. Try Toys

Male masturbation ideas have inspired plenty of new and interesting toys. Why should girls have all of the fun when it comes to bringing a buzz to the bedroom?

There are popular stroker models that wrap around your shaft and give you an extra grip and dimension. You can try exploring new sensations with a vibrating prostate massager.

There are even VR masturbators that take you on a sexy virtual adventure from the comfort of your own home. Learn more about how they work with apps and can even be fun for couples to see if it’s worth the investment.

If you’re not comfortable with buying male masturbation toys either in person or online, you still have options. Even something like a warm washcloth or a piece of (clean) fruit can bring an added sensation to your routine.

5. Left and Right

Try using your non-dominant hand to masturbate for an extra challenge. Your left hand might feel oh so right if you switch up your grip.

The challenge of using a hand differently is all part of the excitement. Your mind and body will have a different way of working together that you’re sure to find stimulating.

We’ve got one of the best male masturbation tips for your opposite hand. Flip your other hand so that the forefinger goes down the shaft and then twist while stroking.

6. Be Edgy

Have you heard about edging? This is a sexual technique that can help you last longer and give you more intense orgasms.

Here’s how you do it: bring yourself close to coming and then back off. After you build up and let go a few more times, finally give yourself a release.

This isn’t just one of the best ways to masturbate for guys. Try to bring your partner to the brink next time as a fun way to prolong your pleasure.

7. Add Variety to Porn

Looking at stimulating images is a great way to get off. But what if you’re stuck in a porn rut?

Watching the same thing over and over again gets the job done. It also can reduce stimulation and get boring — fast.

The solution is to add variety to your porn. If you’re coming across the same images over and over again, take a moment to fantasize to discover there’s something else you want to see.

And who says porn has to be just images? Try listening to sexy audio books or reading fantasy novels to expand your horizons.

8. Double Fist It

Besides using your other hand, you can also try using both of them. Don’t let one or the other hand take over.

There’s lots of combinations you can try out. One hand can stimulate the head while the other works the shaft, or one hand can go exploring.

9. Vary Your Stroke

On top of using different hands or grips, you can try different strokes. Switch up your rhythm, the number of fingers, and the pressure for starters.

Try experimenting to find different stroke styles you like. One big bonus: you’ll feel more comfortable with a variety of reactions during partnered sex.

The benefits of masturbation – why you should be doing it anyway!

Masturbation has some amazing benefits! It can reduce stress, improve sleep, increase libido, reduce pain and even help boost your self-confidence. Not only that, but it’s a healthy way to express your sexuality without the risk of pregnancy or STIs.

Masturbation is an important part of any healthy sex life and should be a top priority when it comes to overall mental and physical wellbeing. Make time for yourself and start exploring what feels good and pleasurable – you’ll reap all the wonderful benefits that this simple act can bring.

More Male Masturbation Techniques

Which one of these night great male masturbation techniques are you going to try tonight? You’re sure to find something that will add a new dimension to your solo sex play and eventually make sex with a partner even better.

Looking for more ways to spice up your life and add excitement to your sex life? There’s a whole world of ideas and techniques to explore.

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