Marijuana for Beginners: What Are the Best Strains to Begin Smoking?


As cannabis ramps up in sales and legalization, more people are looking to try the beneficial plant. Whether it be for relaxation or focusing on getting through the day, there is a strain of marijuana for everyone. But what is appropriate to start out with?

Here’s everything you need to know about marijuana for beginners.


If you have never smoked marijuana before and never been introduced to the effects of THC, then starting with a strain that is low in THC is optimal. Specifically, a strain like Harlequin is best used for your first time because of its high CBD content.

A high CBD, low THC is comparable to when you first start drinking alcohol. This is like the beer of the weed world. You’ll find yourself nice and relaxed without going overboard on the psychoactive properties that are found within THC.


Despite coming from a band that revolutionized the pot world, the AC/DC strain does not contain high amounts of THC either. It follows the same idea of keeping the high feeling mild so as not to scare off new users. This is what makes it a great pick for beginner strains.

The benefit of the high CBD and low TCH is the ability to help relax. Ideally, you will want to light this strain up when you are looking to destress or wind down for the night. High CBD with THC helps activate the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for the relaxed feeling associated with smoking marijuana.

Jack Herer

For those who may have tried other forms of THC, like vaping or edibles, or are feeling a little braver, Jack Herer has a higher amount of THC compared to the first two strains mentioned. This means you will feel a stronger high when smoking this strain.

The benefit of Jack Herer over the even higher THC strains is the lack of paranoia and anxiety that is present for many first-timers. It can even create a “dial-in effect”, where you can feel more concentrated on the tasks at hand.

For those looking to learn more about moderate THC strains, be sure to check out the pound cake strain.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is the number one strain in America. It is requested and smoked more often than any other strain, so if you’re looking to see what the rest of America is getting stoked on, start here.

Blue Dream is appealing to beginners also because of its pleasant taste. It gets its name “blue” from its berry smell and taste. Often, first-time weed smokers will get turned off from the experience before they even start because of the smell and taste.

Marijuana for Beginners: Key Takeaways

As we continue to legalize marijuana, more people will be turning towards smoking the medicinal plant to help get through the day. The key is to start off with lower amounts of THC to ensure a pleasant experience. Marijuana for beginners is much different than seasoned smokers.

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