A Brief Style Guide to Casino Chic


When men think of casino attire, their minds usually turn to the suit and black tie combination. This is a look that is perpetuated partly from truth, but in part is a dated concept peddled by popular culture. Casinos are not the den of formality they once were and the truth is, you need to know the casino and the occasion you are dressing for. In our guide below, we will take you through all eventualities and make sure you look on point in each instance.

Check the Dress Code

Start by visiting the casino’s website. It may have a strict dress code policy, or not have any at all. For many casinos, gone are the days of expecting patrons to dress formally. The rise in online casinos has meant that many of the best players have grown accustomed to gaming while wearing what they want. To compensate, physical casinos have adjusted for those who play online poker. You only need to watch televised World Series games to see how casual the game has become.

On the flip side, you don’t want to arrive and be turned away because you have misjudged it. A simple check on the website will help you out with this. If you have a private invitation to an event, then ask the organizer.

Formal and Semi-Formal

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Formal is the easiest look to get right. For this, the traditional black tie and dinner suit is a must. You can deviate a little, as long as your outfit would suit an occasion that requires the utmost in dress. For example, you may choose to switch to a white suit or change ties for bow ties.

When it comes to semi-formal, the lines are a little more blurred. However, it is a look favoured by most gamblers. A tie is not required, but shirts are a great way to keep you looking fresh and pristine. Combine this with a blazer or dinner jacket, and then on the bottom half you can wear well-tailored jeans.


Casual means just that. It is the kind of clothing you would wear if you were going on a date or going out for a meal. Shirts, polo shirts and well-fitting T-shirts are perfect. They can be worn with denim or khakis depending on personal preferences. You can wear sneakers, but make sure they are fresh and look good. The trick is to go casual but stay stylish.

Be aware that even casual has its boundaries. Many casinos may turn you away if you have sliders and open footwear, or even if you have shorts. It does not mean you can roll straight out of the house into the foyer.

There are a few helpful hints that will keep you on track if you are dressing both formal or casual. Firstly dark colours will always look stylish. If you are in doubt about an outfit, then just go for the dark blues and blacks to stay on point.

Secondly, keep in mind that some casinos may adapt throughout the day. Visit after 6 pm and the dress code may be different to the daytime. With these hints, you should always be prepared when visiting the casino and look great when doing so.