A Gentleman’s Buying Guide To Locks And Latches

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When it comes to home improvements, such as replacing the security measures you currently have in place, it’s important that you have sufficient knowledge of the task you’re about to do. Aside from knowing the basics of how to replace your locks and latches, it’s essential that you familiarize yourself with the tool that you’re going to use as well. 

So, what are the things you have to consider when buying locks and latches? Continue reading this article to learn more. 

  • Cost

Costs are usually drivers to consider when making a purchase. A price tag can be intimidating sometimes, but since we’re on the topic of your home’s safety and security, it is best that you make an investment in it.

Opting for quality tools and materials can go a long way. Not only can you be certain that it can secure your homes, but it can also spare you the trouble of having to replace your system from time to time. That said, investing in good hardware can be cost-efficient too.

When buying, consider checking door hardware that meets the standards in home security. You can check out  Southco locks and latches and other reputable hardware brands to learn more what’s in the market today.

  • External And Internal Doors

The location of your doors can help determine the level of security needed in keeping your homes safe. For instance, there are differences in priorities in terms of privacy and security per room or area in your home.

For doors used in interior spaces, a simple latch may be enough to keep your doors closed, ensuring privacy. 

For external doors such as your main door or kitchen backdoor, you may consider installing extra layers of security with stronger fixtures. Exterior locks often have standard keyed locks and an emergency exit knob that can be opened from the inside. 

  • Door Material And Thickness 

Before buying any door hardware, you must know and familiarize yourself with the material and thickness of your door. The type of your door can often determine its weight. That said, it is important that you also consider if your door can sustain the weight and load of the door hardware you’re about to install.  

For instance, when installing locks on a solid timber or wooden door, you can consider installing a mortice deadlock, mortice sash lock, or a night latch. For a more lightweight door such as uPVC and composite doors, you can opt for a cylindrical lock or multipoint lock. 

Furthermore, one of the best practices when buying door hardware is to know your door’s measurement, since some locks require a minimum door thickness, for them to be workable.

  • Door Dimensions 

When it comes to buying locks and latches, just like knowing the material of your door, knowing your door’s dimensions can be beneficial too. It can ensure a smooth installation and process. The reason is that it can help you avoid the trouble of buying hardware that doesn’t fit or isn’t appropriate for your door.

These measurements include your door’s bore hole and backset dimensions. The backset measurement is important as you would need some clearance to prevent injuring your knuckles when it brushes against the door’s frame. 

It is also advisable to measure the length and width of the lock forend, the visible part of the fitted lock. Matching forend dimensions should make door lock installation easy when installing the replacement parts.

  • Door Handing

One of the things you also have to consider is door handing. Door handing refers to the side to which your door opens. When opening the door, take note of which side the hinge is on. You have a right-hand door if the hinge is located on the right side. A left-hand door has its hinge on the left side. 

That said, knowing your door handing can help you choose which lockset is most appropriate for you. For a right-hand door, you’d need a right-handed lock, and for a left-hand door, you’d need a left-handed lock. 

On the other hand, it’d be good to note that you may opt for reversible locksets too. There are hardware designed for universal door handing.

Final Words

When buying locks and latches, it is important to weigh your choices carefully. Remember that they are essential to keeping your homes safe and secure. That said, investing in quality hardware are the best way to do it.

But aside from its function, there are other technical aspects you need to consider too. Keep in mind the above-mentioned tips, to guide you on searching for the lock and latches that can best serve your needs and requirements.