Athleisure 101: All You Need to Know About the Growing Athleisure Fashion Trend


As we all know, fashion trends boldly come and go, often leaving as quickly as they arrived. Whether it’s the big hair and mullets from the 1980s or the bell-bottom jeans of the 1970s, fashion has a way of representing different times and eras. Most recently, the growing fashion trend is called “Athleisure.” That’s right. It’s a combination of the two words: Athletic and leisure wear.

It is precisely what you’re imagining — comfort meets workout, which looks like sweatshirts, sneakers, t shirts and sweatpants. It’s a combination of what you might wear to the gym, paired with the comfort of binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix, all the while leaving you fully prepared to leave home and carry on your day as needed.

While it seems basic, you may be left wondering how this trend is pulled off. We’ve got you covered. Here’s all you need to know about this growing fashion trend.

Timeline of Athleisure

While some try to blame Jane Fonda for this growing trend, due to her famous workout tape from 1982, it is a trend that has come in waves. There have been many significant companies that have held the corner market on athleisure wear well before it’s time, dating back to 1998. Nowadays, it’s a buzz word, and many apparel companies are catering to the demands of the people.

It’s indeed a fashion that suits all genders, shapes and sizes. It’s a trend, both simple and chic, that doesn’t seem to alienate anyone. It is one that celebrities like Kanye West and Beyoncé have been touting for the last few years. It’s a style that screams comfort and fashion, which is no wonder so many people love it!

How to Athleisure: Build Your Essential Wardrobe

To put it plainly, many of the items that you already have in your closet may be athleisure apparel. It’s taking those leggings and putting on a baseball cap and oversized sweatshirt to hit the town. To get started, you’ll want to do what most people do when it comes to fashion. Collect a few solid pieces as your “go-to” essentials. Here, we’ll bring you Athleisure 101 by helping you build your essentials for pulling off this look.


Hats have become a staple in the fashion world — more specifically, baseball caps. While these may have always held a corner market for sports, they have leaped over into the fashion world, helping to accessorize this growing trend.

To add this item to your wardrobe, start with some solid color hats. These flat bill and logo-less caps are quickly becoming a comfortable and fashionable accessory to this growing trend for both men and women. Ladies, these can be a godsend for those days you don’t want or even have the time to deal with your hair! Having one or even a few different colored hats to grab is an easy way to accentuate your look in style and, best of all, with ease.


Athletic Shoes

Not a fan of baseball caps? There are plenty of other essentials to complete this look.

Whether you call them sneakers, tennis shoes, gym shoes, etc., these are next on the list of essentials to achieving the look. A lot of people may choose brand name shoes that cost a pretty penny, but this style doesn’t necessarily require that of you. It’s up to you to decide if a brand’s logo is worth the price.

Shoes have always held the responsibility of carrying a persona for the individual. In the fashion industry, they aren’t just an accessory; they’re as important as the rest of the outfit. With that said, find yourself a reasonable (or not) pair of sneakers that can transcend any outfit and work in the gym or even your next brunch.

Surprisingly, in addition to having these athletic shoes, it’s important to keep them clean. That’s right — many people insist on keeping these white and sharp by using baby wipes to preserve the soles, clean and free from dirt and scuffs from the day!

Sweatshirts Hoodies and Jackets

Zip-up hoodies and sweatshirts seem to stand the test of time. They are perfect for this look! Both hooded and crewneck sweatshirts are fantastic to wear and even more convenient when it comes to leaving the house to run some errands. Having a few of these in solid colors that can be mixed and matched with different pieces makes this a natural choice for an athleisure essential.

In addition to sweatshirts, a nice zip-up jacket helps bring a more casual look to your athletic wear. Bomber jackets and even faux-leather jackets are a great addition to your outfit. They help balance the equation between athletic and leisure.

Tops and Tees

These are the next item on the list for essentials. Whether you prefer a fitted white t shirt or one that has some flow and length, all of these fit the style. Pocketed t shirts and tanks with words or phrases that laud personal feelings towards working out, all fit the bill here.


Sweatpants and Bottoms

The bottoms you choose to wear is up to you. Whether you prefer a colorful set of yoga tights or even a casual pair of jeggings, there’s some leeway in the department of bottoms. There are many options to choose from, depending on the type of day you have ahead of you. Whether you are hitting a cycling class in the morning or having coffee with a friend, you have options.

Finally, the top growing trend in athleisure wear: Jogger Sweatpants. These sweatpants are your typical feel at the top and have an elastic band on the ankle. They harken back to the early 90s, but as they always say, fashion eventually repeats itself.

Once again, this item is plausible for both men and women, and they come in all different colors and brands. These are a must-have for completing your athleisure look.


Athleisure is a sign of the times. It is the ultimate “Casual Friday,” but instead of one day a week, it’s any day you choose. While our culture values comfort, it still yearns to remain fashionable. This trend does just that. It combines the relaxing and casual feel of a Saturday morning, while also giving off the impression that you just hit the gym (whether you did or not!). So, get started by building your essential items for rocking the athleisure look.