A Guide to Hosting Incredible Foam Parties

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When we want to have some fun or mark an occasion that will forever linger in our minds, we immediately think of throwing a party. Unless boring is your default setting, you must find ways to make your party stand out. A lively and memorable party should be as alive as the morning star. So, how do you throw a ridiculously fun party? The answer is simple. Throw a foam party. Foam parties are where the juice is. They are the way to go to ensure that your guests have the time of their lives.

What Are Foam Parties?

As the name suggests, foam parties are events where people get to drink, dance, and play games while covered in bubbly suds. The foam used in parties cover large areas and stack as high as 5 feet. The foams are created by foam machines, and they are not sticky. That makes them ideal because they don’t mess up or inconvenience your guests.

Why Are Foam Parties Popular?

Foam parties with loud thumping music inspire high-energy feelings. They gas up your guests, and they will love your spirit like fans did when they saw 2Pac’s hologram at Coachella. A foam party will never fail. If normal parties are an art, foam parties are the Mona Lisa.

Throwing a foam party will have your guests jump up and down like epileptic fish singing their hearts out. The party will be a huge success, and party animals will worship the ground you walk on. You will be so amazed by the scenes that you’ll be left wondering whether your guests are over-caffeinated. Foam parties bring about surreal feelings that leave your guests feeling in awe.

Foam parties are ideal for summer parties, music festivals, birthday parties, festivals, fairs, gender reveals, and school and church events. They are great events for photo opportunities. Today, more and more people are embracing foam parties, and a party without foam is like a circus without clowns.

Foam Party Venue Selection

Before hosting a foam party, you must select a suitable venue for the occasion. A suitable venue depends on several factors like the number of guests you will host, the season, the occasion, and the environment. Of all these, the season when you will be throwing the foam party is the most crucial factor.

Most times, summer foam parties are thrown outside and winter foam parties are indoors. During foam parties’ venue selection, people are advised to consider places with proper water supplements and the environment. We must take necessary measures to ensure that we take care of our environment when hosting a foam party.

Foam Parties Requirements

To successfully host a foam party, you will need a few supplies. They include a foam party machine, liquid foam solution, and special foam party extras like special UV glow foam, color additives, backlights, and inflatable foam pits. Of all these, liquid foam solution is the most important; it’s like meat in a sandwich.

Choosing the Right Foam

Before choosing the right foam, most people think that using dishwashing soaps will do the trick. To host a safe foam party, you should avoid using such soaps because they will most likely give your guests allergies and create skin irritation that will be a vibe killer to your special party. Your best option is to use materials that will not irritate your guests’ eyes.

Foam parties’ hosts should use liquid foam solutions that are biodegradable, scent-free, non-staining, and hypoallergenic. Liquid foam solutions are the best because they do not create a sticky, wet, or slippery mess. If you are unsure about the material to use, consult with event organizers to ensure that you purchase bubble bath bombs and soaps that will guarantee an excellent foaming experience.

Supply towels and change of clothes

Encourage guests to bring towels and a change of clothes, as they will get very wet at the party.

Have backup supplies

Make sure you have extra foam solution and backup foam machine parts in case something goes wrong.

Foam Party Safety Tips

When organizing a foam party, ensure that you cover up all electrical items and put them away from the foam to avoid electrocution. You should also use plastic cups and plates because glass materials can shatter leading to accidents because of the slippery environment. Avoid installing slippery or sliding games because people could get injured while enjoying your foam party.

If you are hosting a party, and you are struggling or feeling stressed about coming up with creative party ideas, throw a foam party. Doing so guarantees that your guests will beam with joy, and the pressure of hosting an incredible party will be off your shoulders; you will be relieved and feel like you’ve been freed from the arms of a 900-pound gorilla.