How To Drink For Free At Any Event This Summer

disposable flask

Bringing a metal flask into an airport, sporting event, or gangland funeral is risky. If there are metal detectors or pat downs, you’re probably toast. But even if you manage to sneak it in, you may get caught taking a nip and have your flask taken away from you. And it has your initials engraved on it and everything! To avoid that kind of heartbreak — and the need to pay exorbitant prices for booze at big events — invest in some $2.80 Original Disposable Flasks.

One pocket-sized pouch — there’s no metal in it — carries up to five shots of your favorite concoction of liquor and liquid THC, while its screw-on cap prevents leakage. If it gets taken by security, no sweat, it’s less than $3 and disposable — though you can get several uses out of one before it’s time to trash it.