12 Awful Kickstarter Projects

kickstarter bohemian hemp gladiators

As dumb as these are, they are far more appealing than any pair of mandals we’ve ever seen.

kickstarter boogers day out

If people were able to pledge boogers instead of money, there’s a slight chance this book would be funded.

kickstarter sos watch1

It’s a watch that turns into a two-person life preserver, prompting this question in the pitch on the Kickstarter page: “Why hasn’t anyone though about it before?”  The answer: Because it’s moronic.

kickstarter castle mage

Remember the first Castlemage video game? Neither do we. But the sequel looks a lot like a poor man’s Gauntlet.

kickstarter wonder dog

A dude had aspirations of owning a own hot dog cart, handling lots of wieners, and using “doggie style” as his catchphrase. Seriously. Truth be told, we’re pulling for him.

kickstarter bold bees1

Lady Liberty would wear them. Betsy Ross, too. What, your girlfriend the commie won’t?