Best Apps for Business in 2021-2022

Business software is no longer an expensive system that requires separate servers to run, and trained people to maintain and configure. You can manage your business from your smartphone, on the go, or during the trip. We have collected the best apps to help you run your business — from brand promotion tools to team management, time, and personal development apps. Let’s check them out!


1)   Sign.Eco

In the age of information technology, electronic data is replacing paper documents. To give them legal significance, they also need to be certified with a signature. An electronic digital signature allows you to confirm the authorship of an electronic document, whether it is a real person or an account in a cryptocurrency system. For this purpose, you will need a special signature app. Sign.Eco allows you to sign documents yourself on the go by using your fingerprint, face ID, or password.

2)   MyScript Calculator

This calculator will always come in handy when you need to quickly calculate profitability, taxes, expenses, profits, payroll, or discounts. The main advantage is that you can draw numbers with your finger or stylus, as if on paper, but save the result. With a simple strikethrough gesture, you can delete numbers and mathematical signs. The results can be used in other calculations at any time.

3)   Trello

The service was created for project management, but one person can easily use it to schedule meetings, store information, work on different tasks and personal projects, collecting the necessary links in one place. In Trello, you can assign tasks, set goals, set deadlines, comment on progress. It is ideal if the team has employees from different offices or remote performers.

4)   Slack

Slack is a messenger for business. It is very simple and intuitive, but it allows you to adapt to your needs. Special channels for work bring together the right people and information, it is easy to attach the necessary files and links to messages, and many useful services and social networks are already integrated into the program. There are many well-known companies among the users of the service — Harvard University, Samsung, eBay, and even the Mars Curiosity Rover team that monitors robots on Mars.



5)   Camscanner

This mobile phone scanner allows you to quickly scan a photo, document, page, business card, price tag, or brochure to keep important information in good quality. Finished files can be shared, processed, uploaded to cloud storage, and sent in any convenient way.

6)   Dropbox

This is a very convenient program for business and good alternative storage of information. There are many additional functions besides storage and sharing: files can be edited, access control configured, and notifications set up. Dropbox has better file protection than Google, and it loads files a little faster, but it only offers 2 GB of free storage.

7)   Feedly

If articles, news, and chats that you need to read accumulate, and you spend a lot of time on them, this program will help to organize the flow of crucial information and ideas. Feedly is an RSS reader that allows you to find, view, bookmark all kinds of publications from all over the Internet. You can follow updates to your favorite news sites, blogs, YouTube channels, look for new ideas, share what you find via Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, OneNote, Pinterest, Buffer, and LinkedIn.

In Conclusion

Business software saves money, time, and effort, streamlines processes, motivates, and conveys ideas. Business apps can serve as a communication tool, a brand promotion instrument, a way to see and correct mistakes in processes. Feel free to compliment our list with your own ideas of useful apps. Share your experience with us and our readers.