The Best Barbers in Austin

best barbershop in austin, jollyville3. Jollyville Barbershop

This barbershop is as old school as the ashtrays that are still attached to the chairs. The barbers at Jollyville are known for taking their sweet time, no matter how many customers are waiting in line — and it’s often quite a few. They don’t take appointments, nor are they “online.” Basically, the only way to get in touch with these guys is to show up and wait your turn. This neighborhood joint fills up with regulars pretty quickly (though Wednesdays and Thursdays are their slow days), so get here early if you need a cut. Make sure you bring cash or check (and if you’re still carrying checks around, you’re as old school as they are) for your $15 haircut, as the new-fangled concept of a credit card still hasn’t made its way to Jollyville.

Address: 13045 Pond Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78729
(512) 258-5517