Football Drinking Games

football drinking games

Announcer / Player Drinking Games

Some commentators don’t make us want to choke on chicken wings while we watch the NFL — Al Michaels and Bob Costas come to mind. Of course, some totally blow — you’re probably thinking Joe Buck, but he doesn’t bother us too much. Regardless, whether you like commentary or not, they’re apart of the game, so may as well make it work for you with the game below.

Example: The Troy Aikman Drinking Game

This is just one example of how an announcer drinking game can work. Basically, every time announcer Troy Aikman brings up the Dallas Cowboys (and chances are he will because he used to play for them), you grab a drink. Take it up a notch by chugging your entire beer if he continues chatting about the teams he used to play for. It’s a pretty safe bet that halfway through the game most of you will be drunk like skunks.

The Peyton Manning Drinking Game

Peyton Manning’s on-field enthusiasm lends itself pretty well to a drinking game. Here are the ground rules: Every time yells says “Omaha!” take a sip; when he exposes his sweaty, red forehead, shotgun a beer. If he throws a touchdown pass and/or appears in a commercial, take a shot. And the best rule of all, if he wins the game order a Papa Johns pizza.

The Universal NFL Drinking Game

Known mostly around the US as “Sunday Funday,” this particular pastime involves football, greasy food, and of course, plenty of alcohol. Here’s how to play the original NFL drinking game:

Getting Started

Have everyone grab a free spot on the couch, crack open their beer, and have some extra liquor and cans on deck. Turn on the team and wait for kick off.

How to Play

Should all your drinking buddies be rooting for the same team, then you all drink each time the team scores, whether it’s a “happy shot” or a “the other team just scored shot.” If your allegiance is separate, you drink for your respective team.

The rules for NFL drinking game are simple, and they vary. So, take your pick:

Have one drink: Every time a penalty flag is thrown
Have one drink: For every first down
Have two drinks: for a safety (+2 points)
Have two drinks: for a third-and-long conversion (8+ yards)
Have two drinks: for a big offensive play (20+ yards gained)
Have two drinks: For every big hit by a defensive player
Have three drinks: For a made field goal (+3 points)
Have three drinks: For every challenge from a coach. Take a guess if the call will be upheld or not – if you manage to guess, then give 3 drinks out
Have four drinks: Every time there’s a player injury (if it’s really bad, use that chance to grab some food – you need to balance things out and remember that everyone needs to eat)
Have four drinks: Every time a player does a touchdown dance
Have four drinks: For turnovers
Have four drinks: Every time the team you wagered on punts
Have five drinks: When an onside kick is recovered by the kicking team
Have six drinks:: For every touchdown scored (+6 points)


Have one shot: For every touchdown.
Have one shot: For every punt (refer to Jaguars fans to explain that one)
Have one shot: For every defensive touchdown

DISCLAIMER: These games involve the consumption of alcohol, which makes them fun, but it’s also important to know your limits. Please be responsible.