Best Flower Arrangements to Send Her On Your Anniversary

For the longest time, flowers have long been linked to romance and love. When a couple celebrates their anniversary, one of the most common gifts a man gives to his beloved is a beautiful bouquet. Even if these flowers keep on coming annually, there’s no denying that women still light up when they receive one. 

As the years go by, however, you may start to wonder what flowers to give her again. Surely, you wouldn’t want to give the same arrangement of red flowers every year. With the many flowers in the world, surely there are different arrangements that you can go for.

This article gives you an idea of the best flower arrangements to send on your anniversary, depending on how long you’ve been together. As the years go by, however, you may start to wonder what flowers to give her again so that she doesn’t receive the same arrangement of red flowers every year. Expand your search by looking at arrangements from Calgary florist nw.

Carnations For The First Year

Carnations are the perfect anniversary flowers for your first year together because it’s a symbol of young and passionate love. How fitting that is for the first year of marriage, which is also referred to as the honeymoon phase. 

Before the challenges of marriage start to kick in, the first year is when the couple goes through newlywed romance. It’s undeniably one of the most passionate and exciting years of a couple’s life. 

Lily Of The Valley For The Second Year

Yes, the Lily Of The Valley is quite an expensive flower. But, if you don’t have the budget for it, you don’t necessarily have to give an extravagant bouquet. After all, the flower is already beautiful that you can manage to go for a minimalist approach.  

Lilies of the Valley signifies happiness and a pure heart. It’s also associated with a deep, devoted kind of love. There’s a legend associated with it that tells how a nightingale had so much affection for this flower, that it wouldn’t return to the woods until the flower blossomed.

However, you don’t have to necessarily wait for your second year to give this. If Valentine’s day comes first, go ahead and pick this out as your Valentine’s Day bouquet

 Sunflower For The Third Year

Sunflower bouquets are extremely beautiful simply because it sits in a minimalist bunch where the sunflowers are made to stand by themselves. Sunflowers also have sturdy stems, representing the third year in marriage, where the foundation also starts to get stronger. 

This flower arrangement represents the challenges you’ve already overcome as a couple, and the bright, cheerful times that are about to come. 

Hydrangea For The Fourth Year

Hydrangeas are unique bouquets because of their purple and bluish color. When your loved one transfers this to a vase, it’ll also make your home look a lot more elegant

The hydrangea is made out of a lush globe with very small petals, symbolizing gratefulness and pride. It tells your wife or partner that you’re grateful for the years you’ve spent together, and you couldn’t be prouder to have her as your life partner. 

Daisies For Your Fifth Anniversary

Daisies may look very simple from afar, but when you take a look at them closely, you’ll get to appreciate how intricate the texture is; this speaks for your fifth year of marriage. 

By this time, your life together may already seem like a routine. But, like the daisy, if you dig deeper and enjoy it for what it is, there are still many surprises to uncover. Daisies are also used to represent fidelity and forever love.

For the anniversaries in between the fifth and the tenth, well-loved floral arrangements would include calla lilies, freesias, lilacs, and birds of paradise, which are always classic, great gifts

Daffodils For Your Tenth Anniversary

Daffodil bouquets are perfect for your tenth anniversary. The daffodil reminds you of renewals and life’s simple pleasures. 

If your significant other enjoys sweet fragrances, the daffodil is a great gift because of its fresh and sweet fragrance.

For the years between your tenth and fifteenth anniversary, floral bouquets made of tulips, peonies, chrysanthemums, and orchids make for a pleasant surprise. 

Roses For Your Fifteenth Anniversary

There’s no other flower that symbolizes love deeper than red roses do. This is why it’s the most fitting for the fifteenth anniversary. 

At this point in your marriage, you’ve been through it all. Hence, roses are a nice gift to show that no matter what lies ahead, your love for her is still as strong when you married each other. 


One of the common symbols of anniversaries is usually by the metal it’s associated with. For instance, the 25th year is silver and gold is for the 50th. However, it doesn’t always have to be just stones or metals. 

Flowers can also be a great symbol of love for every year of the anniversary. Particularly when you’re married or dating a woman who loves flowers, it’s always a pleasant experience to give her different flower arrangements every year.