7 Shave Tips Every Guy Should Know


Best Shave Tips For Men

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been shaving, these are some of the best shave tips that can help enhance the experience.

#1. Buy in a Good Shaving Cream

Quality shaving cream should be rich and creamy, rather than foamy — like the garbage your dad used to keep in the medicine cabinet. Here’s why: the creaminess makes for a better moisturizer, which means you’ll be using less of it to get the needed result. It provides a layer of lubrication that protects the skin from the blade, which is of great importance especially to dudes with sensitive skin. Try to steer clear of aerosol type items when buying a shaving cream
(basically avoid products with parabens or silicone) — these are crammed with chemicals and will dry your skin. This Gillette Series Action Shave Gel ($11 for 6 cans) is a solid option.

#2. A Hot Shower Aids Your Shave

When you steam up the bathroom from a hot shower, the heat and steam relax pores on the face and the skin will soften to boot. This, naturally, allows the blade to slide gently and without a hitch across your face.

#3. With the Grain, Then Against

When you’re on your run, you are advised to shave in the direction of your hair growth — aka “with the grain.” Doing so removes the bulk of the hair and reduces skin irritation. After that, however, it’s perfectly fine to across or against the grain.