Best Smelling Antispirants For Men

best smelling antispirants

If you came here looking for a list of the best smelling deodorant, you’re in the wrong spot, guy. Deodorants are designed specifically to eliminate unwanted body odor. Antiperspirants, on the other hand, are engineered to reduce the amount you sweat. That’s because, typically, aluminum salts are used as an ingredient, and they are practically dissolved into the sweat itself, consequently covering your armpits with a kind of gel-barrier. (And despite what you’ve heard about aluminum leading to cancer, new research says that’s not the case. Although, tomorrow another study will come out saying that it does, in fact, lead to cancer. Anyway …) This is why you sweat less while using antiperspirants.

The crucial thing to know is that any antiperspirant is that it essentially does not put a stop to sweat entirely.Sweating is a natural process. If you didn’t sweat, you’d overhead.  In other words, antiperspirant cannot necessarily defeat the smell from the sweat all the time, so in order to avoid that, antiperspirants are frequently combined with deodorants.  Make sure not to overdo it when it comes to using the best smelling antiperspirants, because its main function is to reduce the sweat and sweat is one the ways toxins are released from your body.

Best Smelling Men’s Antiperspirants

best antiperspirant

1. Anthony Alcohol-Free Antiperspirant ($18)

This is a rather good natural and aluminum-free solution for men. If you’re keen on avoiding all the stuff that’s chemically stronger, this a cool choice. The specific aluminium-free formula consists of herbal and botanical extracts and offers all-day protection, albeit it is quite light – take that into account if you have a slightly stronger body odour, in which case, you have to reconsider and find something else. In addition, it does not dry out the skin and it doesn’t sting. Also, this particular brand does not stain dark clothes (good to know, because I have to admit most of my wardrobe is dark). The good news it’s fairly priced too. So, go for it.