27 WTF Photos That Can’t Be Explained


More than 52 million photos are uploaded to Instagram each day. Many of them are routine — baby pics, cats and dogs playing poker, selfies of people who are desperate for “likes” and attention. And then there are those photos that are real head-turners. Pics that either someone took in hopes of getting people to laugh or pics that people took in hopes of gaining praise but instead found ridicule. To both parties we say, “Thank you!” Seriously, our feeds have been overrun with baby pics — sorry, your kids are cute and all (kind of) but we’re not all that interested in watching them vomit up Cheerios — so to have these bits of comic relief make our travels on the internet more pleasant.

WTF Photos We Really Can’t Explain


If this isn’t a poster for why you should become a vegetarian, eat one of those hot dogs and experience that awful punishment and then you might come around.