Body Shaving Tips For Men


5 Male Body Shaving Tips You Never Knew You Needed To Know

So, you’ve decided to give manscaping a try? Good on you. There are several popular techniques to get rid of excess hair on a male body. Apart from the traditional razor blades and trimmers, these days a lot of men resort to more aggressive techniques such as electrolysis, laser treatment and such. Sure, waxing is an option too, but quite frankly you are better off with traditional methods and a few cool tips to get the job done yourself, rather than being ruthless to your body just because you want to get rid of hair quickly and efficiently.

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Apply Lukewarm Water Before You Start

Many guys are not aware of certain body shaving techniques that are quite simple, extremely helpful and effective. One of these is to use lukewarm water before you start to shave a body part. Just splash the lukewarm water on that particular area and then begin shaving. What this does is soften the hair so that the razor passes smoothly across, and even more importantly it opens up the pores in the skin. In contrast, use cold water to close the skin pores when done.


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Get the Right Razor for the Job

One side of the whole shaving process is to prepare for the process with warmish water, shaving cream etc. You are also advised to grab specific types of razors for shaving male body parts. Why? Well, it’s simple really. Certain razors like the Gillette BODY have protective cushions, anti-slip grip and extra lubricating strips to allow for easier control and smooth shaving, minimizing any unwanted cuts or potential skin irritation.